Alex Holley joins Tracee Ellis Ross for a fireside chat as part of the B. PHL Festival.

Innovate this: Welcome to the debut of the B. PHL FESTIVAL

Innovation, Philly Style.

I don’t normally go for that which seems like a city’s corporate event, something thrown by a many-tentacled giant, tied to other amalgamated octopi, and served up as a balm for the masses – ultimately just another set of advertisements and sponsorships.

Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Luckily, the B. PHL FESTIVAL – starting today, October 15 at noon and running until October 17 – is not that, despite its ties to this city’s biggest brand names (registrations, admittance fees, and locations found here

Philly born writer, illustrator, producer, actor, Abbi Jacobson.

Despite the fact that Philadelphia, collectively, is a loutish loud mouth when it comes to telling the world how great – or how sucky – our sports teams are, this city doesn’t always do the best job of shouting out its accomplishments. We don’t often let on, to other cities and differing corporations, how our innovations in health care, science, technology, engineering, art, music, film, and more lead the way. Instead, Philly has a history of allowing other cities to take the accolades and awards – and money. 

That’s all the more reason for the creation of the first-ever B. PHL Festival, a three-day event featuring locals proudly touting themselves in all fields. From top tier Philly hip hop producer-turned real estate investor-turned artificial intelligence leader Jahlil Beats to Broad City’s born-in-Philly Abbi Jacobson, to Mural Arts founder Jane Golden, to Blackish’s Tracee Ellis-Ross, the B. PHL Festival promises to focus on the positive face of Philadelphia enterprise and innovation with shadings of accessibility and diversity. 

Philly’s own, Jahlil Beats.

“When the idea for B. PHL first came about, diversity and inclusion were at the forefront of our mission,” said Michelle Histand, Director of Innovation at Independence Blue Cross.” Innovation comes in so many forms, and we wanted to be sure that our featured organizations and speakers reflected many different voices.”

Actress, Producer, Director, Tracee Ellis Ross.

Now, go. The list of events and time is HERE

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