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Kevin Hart is currently making the rounds all over Philadelphia. Cheering on the Eagles. Dining at South on North Broad. Impromptu stand up at Helium and Punchline. We want to know why…

Back on November 10, dosage MAGAZINE and I mused about the sudden appearance of famously Philadelphian Kevin Hart in town, and what he did while hanging around.

We heard that Hart had been hanging around Philly the weekend prior – a surprise stop on Friday at fellow comedian Dave Landau’s night at Sansom Street’s Helium Comedy club where he jumped on stage for a short, impromptu stand-up set at the Rittenhouse area hot spot. Hart had a meal at the Bynum Bros’ South restaurant on Saturday night on North Broad. With that we half expected him to stop by Will Smith’s opening date on his book tour for the Fresh Prince’s autobiography, “Will”, at The Met Philadelphia. The pair will remake the late John Hughes’ classic Planes, Trains and Automobiles through Hart’s Hartbeat Productions and Smith’s Westbrook Studios.

Kevin Hart on the sidelines of the Eagles vs Saints Game at the Linc on Sunday (Image: Eric Hartline).

Again, this weekend, Hart was all over Philadelphia, starting with a photo of himself outside of The Linc. Was he just early to catch the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New Orleans Saints 40-29 on Sunday? Hart then hit another comedy club across town from Helium: Punch Line Philly in Northern Liberties. There, Punch Line’s packed audience got a surprise visit from Hart when he joined stand-up comedian David A Arnold during a performance on Saturday night. Arnold invited Hart (who also happens to be the executive producer of Arnold’s latest Netflix special, 2020’s Fat Ballerina) to join him on stage late in the evening. Apparently, comic Arnold – currently on his It Ain’t for the Weak stand-up comedy tour – is something of a celebrity magnet as Philadelphia comedian TuRae also made a surprise appearance.

Has anyone in my dosage MAGAZINE audience talked to Hart about why he is in town so much as of late? Send me that note now!

Kevin Hart

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