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Lonely Guest – Essential Tunes For The Next 7 Days

This week’s Listenin’ Booth includes music from the Tricky produced supergroup Lonely Guest and their self-titled debut album. Plus four other essential tunes you should be listening to right now.

Pipe Dreams – Lonely Guest

Lonely Guest

Lonely Guest is a project conceived and produced by Tricky, enlisting an array of artists including Lee Scratch Perr,y among others. “Pipe Dreams” features singer and songwriter, Rina Mushonga, from Harare, Zimbabwe. In classic Tricky style, it is super moody, super dark, and super dope.

Weightless – The Engineer

Lonely Guest

“Weightless” is the much talked about and long overdue new release from longtime Philadelphia House and Techno mainstay, The Engineer.

Trainers – Nick Vivid

Lonely Guest

Nick Vivid is the musical fusion of glam rock, funk, hip hop, disco, and lo-fi electronic music. “Trainers” is the first single from the recently released No More Secrets full-length album and it is quite brilliant.

World Keeps Spinnin – Alikho Igama

Lonely Guest

Alikho Igama is one of Philadelphia’s rising hip hop artists. Creating provocative, minor key, cinematic soundscapes, “World Keeps Spinning” is a perfect introduction to “Flesh & Blood”, his third studio release.


Lonely Guest

Top notch alternative rap from Brooklyn’s JPEGMAFIA. “BALD” is pulled from the brand new full length LP.

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