Miguel Antonio Horn

Miguel Antonio Horn – “Contrafuerte”

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Miguel Antonio Horn, the Philadelphia-based artist is bringing people together literally and figuratively with his newest public art installation, “Contrafuerte”.

Partnered with the Percent for Art Program (which allocates a small portion of capital construction or renovation budgets for the purchase, commissioning, and installation of artworks) here in Philadelphia, Miguel Antonio Horn has been working on this project for nearly five years, and two years of actual production within that; so he’s put an immense amount of time, energy and effort into it.

Consisting of thousands of aluminum plates suspended nearly twenty feet in the air, beautifully executed and well worth the wait, this hidden gem is finally up and located on 13th and Cuthbert Street, across from the Reading Terminal Market in an alleyway that before this, nobody ever cared to take a second look at.

The group of entangled bodies on opposing sides of the bridge seemingly appear to be supporting one another as well as working together to uphold the bridge connecting a parking garage. Miguel finds it most interesting to hear what everyone’s individual take on what it means to them and believes that the different ways people can connect with it lie within their own internal struggles and experiences.

Miguel Antonio Horn

“Contrafuerte” translating to “Buttress” which literally means a projecting support of stone or brick built against a wall, or a source of defense or support which undoubtedly is what you not only see, but feel upon visiting this piece.

Coming up on the 23rd of September, Miguel and his team will be hosting an “unveiling” event held at the location of the sculpture for everyone to check it out and be able to meet with him. Flyers and more information will be released closer to the unveiling date.

Miguel Antonio Horn

With many already swarming for a look over this captivating new installation, Miguel has high hopes his art here will also encourage others to help keep the space clean.

Miguel Antonio Horn’s next art exhibition will be held at the Fleisher Art Memorial in Queen Village. The opening will be on October 15, 2021, and run all throughout November.

Miguel Antonio Horn
Artist Miguel Antonio Horn

With no plans to stop, I’m sure we will start seeing more of his distinguishable, captivating works of art throughout the city and around the world.

Images: Mayleen Pangelina

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