Fellowship for Black Artists 2021

Artist Mikel Elam.

Fellowship for Black Artists 2021 Recipients and June Wall Ball

Philadelphilphia Mural Arts announces June Wall Ball and the Fellowship for Black Artists 2021 Awardees.

You can’t turn a corner in this city and the surrounding areas without seeing one of Jane Golden’s works of public and socially engaging display courtesy of her Mural Arts Philadelphia program. Good. Golden and company’s murals are meant to create their own universe while connecting and creating conversation among all Philadelphia neighborhoods about their individual histories and heroes.

Murals, Mural Arts and their programs cost money (as they pay out grants, as well as set up their often block long paintings), and to that end, June means Wall Ball month in preparation of June 10’s annual Mural Arts Philadelphia benefit. Still online and virtual, rather than in person, for 2021, the online Wall Ball 2021 Art Auction goes live, today, June 1 at 5:00 pm and will officially close at 9:00 pm on June 10, 2021. All bids are final. And go HERE to start checking the work for auction. 

Also in Mural Arts Philadelphia money news, is the 2021 Cohort for Mural Arts’ second, annual Philadelphia Fellowship for Black Artists. Presented with TD Bank, Mural Arts’ Philadelphia Fellowship for Black Artists lends its supporting to 20 local Black artists and puts its money where it is socially just and responsible mouth is by giving each of the 20 painters and visual artists $2,000 each in unrestricted funding. Fellows will also receive Financial Planning sessions and social media promotion, as well as evaluative sessions with curators from HAHA Magazine, Rush Arts Philadelphia, and StreetsDept.com.

Fellowship for Black Artists 2021
Andrea Walls

While dosage MAGAZINE and I are proud to say that we know, personally, some of this year’s Fellowship for Black Artists awardees such as Mikel Elam, and have witnessed much of the work of Andrea Wells, so many of these Black artists are new and fascinating to us. And we can’t wait to get to know them and see where they are heading next. 

Fellowship for Black Artists 2021
Kelli S. Williams

See the full 20 fellowship award winners HERE

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