Morria Winn and Stephanie Barnes

Morria Winn and Stephanie Barnes: Connected

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Meet and connect with the owners of Philly’s Contour Body Studio, Morria Winn and Stephanie Barnes and discover what makes Philadelphia, their Philadelphia.

Name: Morria Winn and Stephanie Barnes.

Occupation: Owners of Contour Body Studio.

Morria Winn and Stephanie Barnes
Morria Winn
Morria Winn and Stephanie Barnes
Stephanie Barnes

Born and raised or imported to Philly? Stephanie was born and raised in Philly. Morria moved to Philly from Houston, Texas at age 10.

What is your connection/relationship to Philly? We were both raised in West Philly. Our business, Contour Body Studio is located in Philadelphia.

Favorite restaurant in Philly? Morria’s Favorite restaurant is Ocean Prime. Stephanie’s favorite restaurant is Taqueria Amor on Main Street.

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Best place to shop in Philly (food, clothes, gifts, jewelry, etc). Select one? Be Bright and Balanced which is based out of Philly. It’s a self-care marketplace for women by women.

What is your one favorite “best kept secret” about Philly? Something that you and only a few others know about but everyone should… Philly has a lot of hidden treasures as far as restaurants and landmarks where you can visit and see the city’s skyline.

What makes Philly your Philly? We love how the city comes together to support our beloved Philly sports teams.

Morria Winn and Stephanie Barnes



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