Movember finds a front man in John Oates

John Oates, one-half of Philadelphia’s legendary Hall and Oates, teams up with the Movember movement and releases new music to accompany the effort. 

In 2003, Melbourne, Australia natives Travis Garone and Luke Slattery turned the month of November into Movember and dedicated the autumn-into-winter breezes to the topic of men’s health and prostate cancer awareness, always with a twist of humor, and a glut of grown quickly mustaches.

Surprisingly in all this time, nearly 20 years, Movember really hasn’t had a spokesperson or theme song despite some very prominent entertainers sporting some very prominent stashes such as Anthony Kiedis, Snoop Dogg, etc.

This year, however, Philadelphia’s John Oates – a solo artist and photographer, as well as being half of the legendary Tempe University-born blue-eyed soul duo, Daryl Hall and John Oates – steps up to the Movember plate, and not only speaks for the importance of men’s health. He’s even putting out a new solo single that he feels has resonance to the Movember cause, “Pushin’ A Rock”. 


Co-written with Grammy-winning producer and songwriter Nathan Paul Chapman, Oates has already written in a press statement how ” ‘Pushin’ A Rock’ is a rallying cry to everyone who strives to overcome life’s struggles and challenges. It is a universal theme and an important message for our time riding on a cool groove.”

Plus, John has teamed up with Movember, ahead of the nonprofit’s annual fall/winter campaign where men grow mustaches to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues focusing on mental health, suicide prevention, and testicular and prostate cancer. Want to “Grow a Mo”? Join here…

Famously Oates shaved off his epically bushy stache several years ago in what was “a moment of ritualistic shedding and reinvention.” Clean shaven for some time, Oates hooked up with Movember in 2022, sought to provide “a space and place for men to come to for mental and physical health,” and grew back his oh-so-prominent muzzi. 

John Oates, circa 1983

“It is important to me to speak out about men’s issues and shine a light on things that often go unspoken,” writes Oates.

As for Oates, he is releasing a series of digital singles distributed by “The Orchard” as well as another series of songs from the upcoming feature film “Gringa” to be released soon.


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