Your Philly New Year

Philly New Year’s Eve & Day Explained

In going from 2020 into 2021, the idea of ringing (or wringing) out the old and bringing in the new has taken on fresh meaning. Who needs a year such as this where pandemics fly as fast and hard as racial epithets? Who wants it?

Yet and still, getting out of this rat trap isn’t so easy. Or fun. I mean, even last week’s release of a superhero action-adventure such as Wonder Woman 1984 was lame. Pedro Pascale looked bad. The story was vague and empty? And Chris Pine… Is it me, or is he little more than an emasculated totem?

So what to do to get rid of the old when you can’t do much by way of gathering? A virtual Philly New Year’s celebration without Ryan Seacrest?




Fond on South 11th at East Passyunk is doing a street-side grilling with Chef Lee Styer from like 3 pm to 7 pm. With sausage sandwiches, Brie en Croûte, and some Champagne. With a repeat of such (time-wise) the next day. But that only takes us to 7 pm. Now what? 

Your Philly New Year

Look. I’m not crazy about kids. Especially not on a holiday. But… If you got ‘em, bring them to NoLibs’ Countdown to New Year’s Day with Cinderella at the Igloos at Germantown Garden Grille (1029 Germantown Avenue). Why? First, it gives your kids a chance to sample Disney fare before it went all Mandalorian/Star Wars. Second, adults can experience the igloo process all hopped up on liquor while the children enjoy the show. 

Jose Garces’ all-inclusive Garces Trading Company is offering many meat-driven mega-meal packages with cocktails and ready-to-serve instructions through The Olde Bar, Amanda, Village Whiskey, J.G. Domestic and such. Theoretically, if it is a Philly New Year’s Eve, you could go all night with this through midnight, if you add-in more booze to the menu.

Your Philly New Year

You can stay at a hotel, stretch out and make a mess on someone else’s floor. Like at Sofitel Philadelphia at 17th Street’s in-house Dinner for Two, Luxury Hotel Night Stay package with Complimentary Breakfast for Two for only $325. For a Luxury Room. And $375 for a Luxury One Bedroom Suite. I can’t do this as I have a Pharaoh Hound, and Sofitel doesn’t allow dogs. Across the street, however, at Hotel Palomar, dogs are not only allowed, but they’re also welcomed with a number of amenities. 

Also if you’re around those Rittenhouse area hotels, you can stop at the Oyster House on Sansom and watch Live Ice Sculpting. They’re serving martini’s, raw oysters and platters for two to-go for $110.

Your Philly New Year

For something simpler and louder and cheaper, the mistress of Punk Rock Karaoke Sara Sherr along with John Cecil Price and Reyna are hosting a Zoom karaoke jam session from 9 pm to 12 am for free. Here are the particulars. Enjoy.

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 627 093 8616
Passcode: 092253

As for the pirate Mummers Philly New Year’s parade going down 2 Street? The one against Mayor Kenney’s restrictions towards public gatherings? Look. I have always had mixed feelings about the Mummers. I can drink heavily, play the accordion (seriously!), and wear feathers in my own house if I so choose. So I’m rarely if ever in attendance. Plus, living where I do in South Philly, I usually can see them peeing all over the street going back and forth from official parade grounds. And, in regard to the leftover weight of blackface? No. Cut it the fuck out or be gone. It’s antiquated, tired and racist. It’s not a good look for performers or followers. And with that, it’s downright obscene. In a year (to say nothing of a future) where both BLM and social distance is required, having the Mummers be on their best behavior – and hopefully more inclusive – could make for a bold new beginning. 

So, HNY from A.D.

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