Philly’s Tech Tour 2019

The Tech Tour is an offshoot of the Philly Music Fest with all Philly musicians, all Philly beer and all Philly culture.

The fact that music and tech go hand-in-hand was the driving force to the creation of Tech Tour. And, by the speed free lunchtime RSVPs were snapped, the recently held second edition of Tech Tour is a solid hit.

As Philly Music Fest founder Greg Seltzer welcomed attendees to the midday event, he pointed out the “undeniable connection exists between the spirit, fabric, and economics of music and startup companies, particularly tech-based companies.”

“Tech tourism is kind of an offshoot of Philly Music Fest, a music festival with all Philly musicians, all Philly beer and just an immersion in Philly culture,” explained Seltzer. “Tech Tour is kind of our first content event that bolts on to Philly Music Fest. So, we’re here because I believe strongly in the thesis that there’s a crossover and an overlap between music, core music scene and technology, and startups. Last year, we kind of explored that connective tissue, and we sold out immediately. And then this year, again, we sold out 150 tickets immediately. So there’s a hunger for people in the business community to want to see music.”

The midday event took place at Guru Technologies on The Avenue of the Arts and featured panel discussions with a local Philly musician performing during breaks.

Images: Bobbi Booker

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