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Meet and connect with Comedian, Writer, Entrepreneur, and Businessman, Rahim Hill, and discover what he loves about Philadelphia.

Name: Rahim Hill.

Occupation: Comedian. Writer. Entrepreneur. Businessman.

Rahim Hill

Born and raised or imported to Philly? I am a Philly native. Born and raised.

Favorite restaurant in Philly? My favorite restaurant is Miller’s Ale House. They have affordable good food for any budget. And plenty of TVs to watch sports while enjoying your meal.


Best place to shop in Philly (food, clothes, gifts, jewelry, etc). Select one? The best place to shop for clothes would be in the Center City Shopping District. There is a huge selection of stores. From small consignment shops to the luxury stores located along Walnut and Chestnut Streets. It is easier to navigate the Center City streets by public transportation rather than a personal vehicle. And on nice days you can always take a stroll. Or you can always hop in a Lyft.

Rahim Hill

What is your one favorite “best kept secret” about Philly? Something that you and only a few others know about but everyone should… The best kept secret about Philly is the various cultures within the city. Despite any bad press Philly might get, the good far outweighs the bad. There is a heavy motorcycle culture within the city that is full of hard-working people such as police officers, lawyers, and even local politicians. These people love to get together and enjoy meeting up and talking about motorcycles. And, oh yeah… then eventually riding them. Another culture that is big within the city is comedy. There are many comedy clubs around Philly where people can come out and enjoy some live comedy performed by local comics. There are a lot of professionals as well as beginners who have a lot of talent and love perfecting their craft by either doing stand-up comedy or live sketch comedy. I can go on for days about all the cultures that Philly has. My advice is to pay the city a visit and get ready to have a great time.

What makes Philly your Philly? The thing that makes Philly my Philly is not only the fact that I was born and raised here, but that I enjoy the different cultures, the people, the food (cheesesteaks are not made with green peppers), the arts (run up the art museum steps and raise your fists like Rocky did in the movie, it is the law), the history, and the language (“Jawn” is a person, place or thing).

Rahim Hill



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