Ronald Isley Liquid Gold

Ronald Isley Liquid Gold

Ronald Isley Liquid Gold: The Isley Brothers Return with ‘Last Time’ Single and Spirits Brand

The iconic Isley Brothers, renowned for their contribution to soul music, have made a triumphant comeback with the release of their latest single, “Last Time,” from the critically acclaimed album “Make Me Say It Again, Girl”. As fans eagerly awaited the vinyl and CD release of the album on July 7, 2023, in the United States (followed by a worldwide release on July 21st), the legendary duo had more exciting news to share. Accompanying the release of their music, The Isley Brothers officially launched Ronald Isley Liquid Gold, a spirits brand curated by Ronald Isley himself.

This venture marks a significant milestone as Isley and his wife, Kandy Isley, become Missouri’s first African-American spirits wholesalers and importers. To celebrate the brand’s introduction, Ronald Isley made a special appearance at a Taste of Black Spirits event in Brooklyn, NY, on June 30th, where Ronald Isley Liquid Gold and other Black-owned spirits were showcased.

Fans can now get their hands on vinyl and CD copies of “Make Me Say It Again Girl”, a collection featuring the chart-topping hit “Make Me Say It Again” with Beyoncé, as well as the latest single “Last Time” and a variety of infectious tracks. Visit the official Isley Brothers website to order your copy. For those seeking a taste of luxury, Ronald Isley Liquid Gold, including an exquisite XO brandy and vodka, is available here

Ronald Isley Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold XO Contagious Brandy is a smooth brandy with notes of vanilla, sweet fruit, and red sherry, perfect for sipping. Liquid Gold Vodka is a clean and warm smooth vodka distilled from corn. Both spirits showcase the exceptional craftsmanship of Ronald Isley’s brand.

“Make Me Say It Again Girl” is an impressive addition to The Isley Brothers’ extensive discography, marking their thirty-first original studio album. Over six decades of creating timeless music, the Isley Brothers continue to captivate audiences worldwide, proving their soulful sound remains as captivating as ever.

As fans embrace the soulful melodies of “Last Time” and indulge in the luxury of Ronald Isley Liquid Gold, The Isley Brothers continue to solidify their legacy as musical pioneers. Their latest endeavors highlight their unwavering dedication to their craft and commitment to pushing industry boundaries.

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