Slutty Vegan Pops Up in Philly

Pinky Cole brings her sexy plant-based menu to Philadelphia with Slutty Vegan.

Outside of Rich Landau and his universe (Vedge, Wiz Kid, V Street) and Nicole Marquis’ Charlie was a sinner, Philadelphia’s veg-focused menus either leave me cold and/or unsatisfied. Sadly, veg-vegan fare in Philly often lacks drama. I mean, where else other than Vedge can you get a roasted carrot(s) that fill you and sate you and seems somewhat theatrical? Enter Pinky Cole, and her plant-based burger spot, Slutty Vegan, which pops the top on a pop-up restaurant, Monday, September 23 at The Common (3601 Market Street), all as part of her drive to stay exclusively in partnership with multi-ethnic or minority-owned businesses. The Common concept of wack Nu-American is co-owned by Henry Chu, Kenny Huang, Patrick Feury, Michael Wei and Lucio Palazzo. 

Slutty Vegan

The whole point of Cole’s gloriously over-stuffed burgers is to, ultimately, not stuff you despite their immensity, and keep her menu’s themes sexy and empowered. From her “Ménage à Trois” Impossible Burger patty with vegan bacon, vegan shrimp, vegan cheese, and “slutty sauce” on a vegan Hawaiian bun to her “Heaux Boy” (vegan shrimp tossed in a New Orleans style batter) to her hilarious “Chik’N Head” of plant-based chicken tossed in buffalo sauce topped with vegan ranch, Cole’s Slutty Vegan meal plan seeks to satisfy, without killing your heart or soul.

Slutty Vegan

Plus, if you peruse her merch section at, she’s moving cool unisex sweatshirts emblazoned with her motto, “Black Educated and Vegan.”

West Philly’s Will Smith ranks among Cole’s biggest fans, with New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, Empire’s Taraji P. Henson, and Tiffany Haddish, coming in second to her nearly 270K Instagram followers. Get to The Commons early if you want to to try to get Slutty.

1 thought on “Slutty Vegan Pops Up in Philly

  1. I missed it when Slutty Vegan came to Philadelphia. I was living in Georgia at that time. Now I’m in Philadelphia and
    I miss going to Slutty Vegan. I wish you would come back to Philadelphia and open a restaurant.

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