The Dangerous Sounds Podcast Premiers WRTI-FM

The Dangerous Sounds Podcast Premieres on WRTI-FM

The Dangerous Sounds Podcast is a master class that makes its debut on WRTI-FM with a performance by Odean Pope and Immanuel Wilkins at the Ruba Club. 

When Philly’s WRTI-FM launches its Dangerous Sounds podcast tonight, March 31, it does so with a bang: two giant local stepping saxophone colossuses Odean Pope and Immanuel Wilkins, who will play at the Ruba Club in celebration of the podcast with Danish-American drummer Kresten Osgood.

Why the Danish drumming connection beyond his immense might and dexterity? 

WRTI is hooking up the new Dangerous Sounds podcast with JazzDanmark, the national Danish organization for jazz. Drummer Osgood actually hosts the Dangerous Sounds podcast series, with narrator and storyteller Joan As Police Woman talking audiences through the American/Nordic jazz brotherhood experience: Louis Armstrong’s game-changing visits to Copenhagen in the ‘30s; violinist Svend Asmussen getting captured by Gestapo during WW2; the stories of Miles Davis and Palle Mikkelborg’s collaboration in the 1980s and more. 

The Dangerous Sounds Podcast Premiers WRTI-FM
Odean Pope

Dangerous Sounds is based on another, original Danish podcast series, “Farlige Toner – historien om dansk jazz” produced by Filt Cph for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, and has won a lion’s share of international awards.

In an email, WRTI General Manager Bill Johnson wrote, “As a leader in jazz programming since 1969, WRTI wanted to provide American music lovers with this incredibly revealing series that showcases a powerful history and relationship between the U.S. and Denmark through jazz. Enhanced by the two live music events in Knoxville and Philadelphia, we believe Dangerous Sounds will significantly add to the overall history and appreciation of jazz music in America, as it has already done in Denmark.”

And as far as tonight’s show between Wilkins and Pope, the former has forever included the legendary sax elder as one of his Philly inspirations which include Jamaaladeen Tacuma and Larry McKenna. “Philadelphia will never leave my heart no matter where I live,” Wilkins told me at the top of the year. “It is my roots and in my heart.”

The Dangerous Sounds Podcast Premiers WRTI-FM
Immanuel Wilkins

Dangerous Sounds will be available at with single episodes on April 1, 8, 15, 22, and culminating on April 29, just before International Jazz Day.

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