Camellia Brown: Connected

Camellia Brown: Connected

Meet and connect with Philly Public Relations Professional, Camellia Brown, and discover what makes Philadelphia, her Philadelphia.

Name: Camellia Brown

Occupation: Public Relations Intern at Tierney.

Born and raised or imported to Philly? I was born and raised here in Philly! I moved back and forth from North Philadelphia to South Philadelphia at a young age.

What is your connection/relationship to Philly? I’ve done a lot of work here in Philly with different companies in the area, including agencies and non-profits. I did a lot of self-advocacy work when it came to non-profit and being in college where I shared my story about facing financial, housing and food insecurities. I did that in hopes to inspire students like me who want so much more for themselves but have been dealt with some difficult cards. 

Favorite restaurant in Philly? This is a tough choice! I’d definitely have to say Iron Hill Brewery. They have some really good food and their cheesesteak rolls are top tier!

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Best place to shop in Philly (food, clothes, gifts, jewelry, etc). Select one? I would say the new Primark location at the Fashion District! They have really nice, but affordable clothing items along with shoes.

Camellia Brown: Connected

What is your one favorite “best kept secret” about Philly? Something that you and only a few others know about but everyone should… There are a lot of hidden gems (restaurants, cafes, activities) that many people don’t know about. I usually find these places from social media influencers in the city and I’m always so shocked to see what’s actually here.

What makes Philly your Philly? What makes Philly my Philly is the simple fact that through being in this city I was able to be humbled by a lot. But I’ve also grown to want more for myself. This isn’t the most perfect city (as there is no such thing) but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some disparities here that are the greatest. Even with all of that in mind, the positive thing about Philly is the fact that there are so so many opportunities here for people to become successful. I’m working everyday towards finding those opportunities for myself.

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Images: Courtesy of Camellia Brown and Ian Reitz.

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