devil's den

The Devil’s Den Bids Adieu

Bad news, glad news… South Philly’s Devil’s Den is coming to an end only to make room for something else.

Whether you live in the Italian Market area of South Philadelphia or just visiting, for 14 years Devil’s Den has been a locus for great, unique craft beer, a slew of tasty dining options, including like 6 different mussels, based meals… Who does that? And events such as this block’s first dynamic, outdoor, drag Sunday brunch (Drag Me to the Den) and a really cool True Crime night (hosted by police advisor Sarah Cailean), and a bi-weekly beer Bingo.

Fun interesting stuff without seeming pretentious or fussy, and always remaining delicious and decadent. Fantastic.

devil's den

All that is Devil’s Den – indoors at night, outdoors by night – is coming to an end on October 9 as Erin Wallace is doing something different and dramatic with the 11th and Ellsworth Street corner space (and the peeps from Bake N’ Bacon starting October 2, which dosage MAGAZINE will have more on as this news progresses).

But that doesn’t mean that the Devil’s Den is going out quietly. Along with a final Drag Me to the Den and raffle (and Pink Boots beer) happening on Sunday, September 25 in the D-Den’s fenced-in bullpen on the corner, all of its usual event evenings will continue as planned. This means an October 6 True Crime finale, The Poison of Power: Pernicious Pols and Savage Statesmen at 7 PM. That means Erin Wallace’s Beer Bingo Night on September 28. That means, surely, several pop-up, pop-in surprises. And that surely means an epic all-day, all-night closing bash on Sunday October 9 that should bother the neighbors, wake the dead and booze up everyone involved.


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