The Magic Number Group Exhibition at Paradigm Gallery

“Surrounded by Fuzzy Friends" - Akira Gordon, oil and oil pastel on canvas.

The Magic Number Group Exhibition at Paradigm Gallery

“The Magic Number,” a group exhibition by Ginger Rudolph, spotlighting young Black artists’ innovative works in Philadelphia from March 1-24, 2024.

“The Magic Number” emerges as a pivotal moment in contemporary art, from March 1 to March 24, 2024, at Paradigm Gallery + Studio. Curated by Ginger Rudolph, this group showcase sets a new precedent in art consumption. Featuring the ingenious works of young Black artists such as Caff Adeus, Kendra Dandy, Akira Gordon, Devon Harrison, Eustace Mamba, Jordan Plain, and Qiaira Riley, “The Magic Number” explores a rich tapestry of mediums — glasswork, textiles, oil painting, and graphic design. Under Rudolph’s guidance, these artists push traditional art’s boundaries, inviting audiences to engage with new ideas and perspectives.

The exhibition’s inception at Paradigm Gallery + Studio, founded by Jason Chen and Sara McCorriston in 2010, marks a significant chapter in the gallery’s history. Recently relocated to a new 5-story, 7,000 sq. ft. facility in Old City, Philadelphia, known as The Paradigm Arts Building, the gallery continues its mission to democratize access to art, support emerging talents, and foster a fair and sustainable arts economy. This move amplifies the gallery’s commitment to nurturing artists’ careers and collaborating with entities with a vision for an equitable art world.

The Magic Number Group Exhibition at Paradigm Gallery
“The Black and White Maze” – Eustace Mamba, sewn mixed media

“The Magic Number” is an homage to cognitive psychologist George A. Miller’s seminal work on the capacity of working memory, suggesting the optimal number of “chunks” of information for impactful retention. This concept is ingeniously applied to the exhibition’s structure, presenting seven unique artists whose work collectively offers a deep dive into identity, culture, and innovation themes. Drawing on her experience co-curating the Philadelphia Fellowship for Black Artists, Rudolph mentors these talents, enabling them to craft a multifaceted narrative of collective identity through their distinct voices and mediums.

“Breakfast” – Akira Gordon, oil on canvas

The exhibition is designed to create a space of dynamic engagement, where the diversity of subject matter, size, and medium forms a landscape of exploration for the viewer. It’s a deliberate celebration of individuality within Philadelphia’s art scene, resonating with Paradigm’s ethos of uplifting artists. “The Magic Number” is a critical platform for these artists at varying stages of their careers, emphasizing the power of mentorship and community in cultivating a vibrant and inclusive art ecosystem.

The opening reception for the “The Magic Number” group show is scheduled for Friday, March 1, 2024, from 6 to 8 pm with all artists in attendance. This exhibition promises to be a statement on the future of art, where diversity, creativity, and mentorship converge to redefine what it means to consume and engage with art in the now. 

“Oceans Apart” – MK

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