A piece designed by PFI alumni, Jovan O'Connor.

The Philadelphia Fashion Incubator: ILLUME exhibition

The 10 year stretch of the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator and the emerging fashion world of Philly.

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator — A fashion organization that’s exponentially grown an amazing community of designers over the years while making a name for the Fashion World in the City of Brotherly Love, while contributing to the regions of economic development. Every year The PFI selects a diverse range of designers, all of who are dedicated to taking their vision and skills to the next level by participating in their Designers-in-Residence program.

This non-profit program whose mission highlights, empowers, and nurtures local emerging artists. 80% of the designers through The PFI are women and minority fashion entrepreneurs from Philadelphia design schools and the local fashion community; assisted in growing their brand into a sustainable business. The PFI provides resources such as industry support, studio/workspace, top-notch education on the business of fashion, networking opportunities, workshops, etc.

This year the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator also launched FASHPRENUERS which is an education platform for people to access content, information and business resources for all.

In celebration, from August 2, 2021, through September 10, 2021, The “ILLUME” pop-up exhibition will showcase the success of the Incubator and the work of its Philadelphia Fashion Incubator Alumni and Designers-in-Residence hosted at the InLiquid Gallery where guests will also be able to purchase select pieces from the designers there. This year’s designers participating in “ILLUME” range from the phenomenal works of Gabrielle Mandel, Renee Hill, Nancy Connor, Victoria Wright, Danielle Tobin, and more.

Philadelphia Fashion Incubator

With diligent efforts of overcoming the past year and even now still during a pandemic, the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator and its dynamic group of fashion innovators are going strong while still in it for the long haul.

Philadelphia Fashion Incubator

For more information visit their website at www.philadelphiafashionincubator.com and head over to the InLiquid Gallery “ILLUME” pop-up to see the work live.

Philadelphia Fashion Incubator
Images: Mayleen Pangelina

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