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Wing Wing Wing – Stephen Starr’s Chicken Wings Pop Up

Stephen Starr is (Chicken) Winging It for Super Bowl Sunday… and beyond, with Wing Wing Wing!

Last week, in conversation with Philadelphia restauranteur Stephen Starr, we talked about how several of his kitchens were moving into the ghost or virtual realm. And how this was a challenge in which to rise. “I didn’t really like the idea at first. I am all about the dining-in event of it all. The theatrical experience,” he said. “But, I’m starting to get it. It’s an interesting prospect.” Obviously, a big fan of chicken re-invention, (see his Chicken Scratch Peruvian rotisserie chicken spot with chef and partner Peter Serpico at the latter’s Serpico restaurant space at 6th and South Streets) Starr kept talking about additional culinary concepts for take-out and pick up to which he was working on clever names. “There’s going to be something with burritos and something with chicken wings. Meatier than the ones you’re accustomed to. And both with a twist,” said Starr proudly. “I’m just working on the names.”

Starr must have come up with something pretty quick as Starr Restaurants just announced the concept for its chicken wings eatery, Wing Wing Wing. And its initial pop-up location and time, Starr’s comfort food salon, Jones on Chestnut Street. And… now! This week. Just in time for February 7’s big game with Tom Brady, halftime entertainment The Weeknd, and some other team.

Chicken Wings

Slightly less of a chef-driven project than Chicken Shack’s menu, Wing Wing Wing’s… uh, wings, for the upcoming Super Bowl pop-up come out of the kitchen at Jones. After some time on Chestnut Street, Wing Wing Wing will switch to full operations out of Frankfurt Hall in Port Fishington by mid-late February.

Available to order now, as in today, customers can pre-order for pick-up online and from Saturday through Sunday, customers can order in real-time through Grub Hub, Caviar, Uber Eats, Doordash for real-time pick-up and delivery. 

The Wing Wing Wing fling features 10 pieces per order of Jumbo Chicken Wings: 

Plain – seasoned with salt and pepper $16.00

Classic Buffalo – medium $18.00

Hot Buffalo – hot, habanero $18.00

BBQ – smoky mustard and molasses $18.00

Sesame Soy – soy, sesame, red chili $18.00

Dry Jerk Spice – habanero, garlic, onion, butter $18.00

Dry Nuclear Spice – habanero, jalapeno, paprika, butter $18.00

And all served with a choice of house-made blue cheese or ranch dressing on the side.

With this, Wing Wing Wing, and Chicken Scratch, Stephen Starr now qualifies to be the Colonel Sanders of Philadelphia and therefore, finger-licking great.

Chicken Wings
Images:Gab Bonghi

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