Beverley pictured with his friend and business partner, Champion Boxer, Floyd Mayweather.

Anthony “Shi” Beverley – From Humble Beginnings

Life was not ideal, but it proved to be a rugged training ground. With sheer hard work and determination, Anthony “Shi” Beverley continued to climb the ladder earning a reputation as a shrewd businessman, real estate broker, and more.

Despite hanging with some of the most recognizable names in sports, Anthony “Shi” Beverley wasn’t always living the high life. From growing up in the Mill Creek Projects to now traveling the world and splitting time between homes in Philly and Las Vagas, Shi has a unique and inspiring rags-to-riches story.

Life was not ideal, but it proved to be a training ground, Shi reflected. “I have been shot in the back of my head up, I’ve been kidnapped. I’ve been in that street life. That’s my testimony to the youth: either you go this fast way, and it’s not pretty, or if you’re patient, and educate yourself and work smarter, not harder. Mix them together, and you’ll be successful.”

Anthony "Shi" Beverley
Beverley in his Philly based office.

Growing up, Shi spent time with his real estate-focused grandfather and had an inkling he wanted to become a like-minded entrepreneur. Several years ago, he teamed up with his godfather Dr. Joe Williams to further hone his skills.

“I keep networking every day, looking for houses to buy, educate myself on real estate, and in 2014 things started to turn around for me,” explained Shi.

With sheer hard work and determination, Shi continued to climb the ladder earning a reputation as a shrewd businessman and real estate broker. By the 2010’s he was veering in a different direction and decided to retire from street bike racing to concentrate on his nascent home health care agency and property development.

Several years ago, Shi met boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, and began working with The Money Team (TMT), a sports promotional company and lifestyle brand.

Anthony "Shi" Beverley
Beverley splits his time between Philly and Las Vegas.

“I’m a leader and my own boss,” explains Shi of his role. “I’m an asset to The Money Team.”

When he’s not on the road, Shi enjoys time with his family of three daughters, with the youngest one at ten, clocking in at a year older than his granddaughter.

“People look at me now… I’m on private jets, own a Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Bentley, nice homes and things like that. But I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. I used to be into the streets back in the day, I gave that lifestyle up. You know, everything was taken away from me. [Now] I’m a Christian and I got right with the Lord, Christ Jesus and God and I stayed close to them. And, I planted my seeds, getting educated and surrounding myself around individuals that are all placed in your life to have that same drive, motivation and aim in life. Once I decided to change my life, I went from nothing to something. The main thing is I never gave up, not one time. I’d rather hang in there and keep pushing and pushing. I don’t take nothing for granted.”

Anthony "Shi" Beverley
“If you’re patient, and educate yourself and work smarter, not harder…
mix them together, and you’ll be successful.”

Shi paused, adding: “Success is not measured by money: It’s measured by the things we’ve overcome in life that got us to this point.”

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  1. Sometimes when meeting people,especially family members,sometimes you become intrigued.You want to ask ,”How this” or “How that” but don’t want to be thought of as disingenuous or as a hanger on.This story definitely shed a little light on my enquiring mind.I’m always happy to see my people excel.Great read!Continued blessings & success .

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