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Chuck Peruto, Larry Krasner, Easttown – HBO’s Sunday Night Lineup

HBO Sunday is Philly Sunday with Mare of Easttown and a spotlight on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver of Philadelphia District Attorneys Chuck Peruto and Larry Krasner.

Sometimes the universe smiles, Gritty and the Phillie Phanatic take the night off, and how the world views the City of Brotherly, Sisterly and Non-Binary Love opens wide. What I am addressing here is how HBO’s renowned Sunday schedule – a line-up which, in the past has welcomed esteemed programs such as The Wire, The Sopranos, Deadwood, Sex in the City, Boardwalk Empire and Girls – not only delivered the hardcore mysterious penultimate episode of the shot-in-and-around-Delco drama Mare of Easttown last night but backed that up with a big gulp of Philly pride with Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and his one-two punch regarding Philly’s upcoming District Attorney race between Chuck Peruto and Larry Krasner, in all of its coming (dis)grace. 

Savvy viewers and savvier readers already know the ins and outs of local filming, accents, Coco’s and Wawas when it comes to informing Kate Winslet and Mare of Easttown. We also know that the music Winslet’s daughter’s band plays is that of the Philly pop-punk trio, Mannequin Pussy and that one-time local Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast was a musical coordinator on Mare, teaching the band how to play like a band. Throughout the HBO series though, Philadelphia theater actors Jeb Kreager (New Paradise Laboratories co-founder) Kittson O’Neill (the Artistic Director of Shakespeare in Clark Park), and Suli Holum, (a Pig Iron Theatre Co. co-founder and member of the Wilma’s Hothouse company) have also left indelible images on Easttown. May 23’s unfolding events were packed, not only with the intensity of male-driven ego and evil, but the diabolical dark beauty of Delaware County. I’m not buying a house out there anytime soon, but, I’d like to re-visit Delco with fresh, filmic eyes. 

chuck peruto

Following the sad tension of Mare of Easttown with the wit and wonky humor of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver might have felt like a wee bit of discord was afoot. The save, however, came from discussing ‘clowns’ in American politics and their own bit of evil to be wreaked at our expense. 

Oliver was talking about not only how last week’s Democratic party primary for District Attorney victor, the incumbent Larry Krasner, ‘looked like a guy who owns Audiobooks on vinyl,’ but, his upcoming November contender for DA, Chuck Peruto.

Larry Krasner

No, No. No. dosage MAGAZINE does not traffic in politics, not for one side or another. And we are not for one DA or another in this dog fight.

That said, you did not have to be on any party’s affiliate to pee yourself laughing when Oliver presented, lock, stock and smoking barrel, a handsome portion of the 35 minute YouTube video that Peruto, a famed Philly criminal defense attorney, shot at home, where he discusses his close proximity to Black people. You could see the whole film HERE, and politics aside, it’s a hoot. Then again, this comes from the same man who chose to discuss one of the worst moments in his life with a subheading on his autobiography ‘The Girl in My Bathtub.” You read it. I don’t want to come down off my laughing gas high.

chuck peruto
Chuck Peruto

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