Frankie Beverly

Frankie Beverly Takes a Final Bow

Legendary Soul Singer Frankie Beverly bids farewell in an emotional Philadelphia homecoming at the Dell Music Center.

On a balmy July evening, the Dell Music Center in Philadelphia buzzed with excitement as thousands of fans, dressed in their finest white attire, gathered to witness the final performance of R&B legend Frankie Beverly. The concert, part of Beverly’s “I Wanna Thank You Farewell Tour,” marked the end of an era for the 77-year-old singer and his band, Maze.

The atmosphere was electric as Beverly took the stage, greeted by a thunderous ovation. Throughout the evening, Beverly and Maze led fans on a nostalgic journey through their extensive catalog of hits. From the reflective “Golden Time of Day” to the emotionally charged “Joy and Pain,” each song prompted passionate sing-alongs and swaying bodies.

Frankie Beverly

The concert held special significance for Philadelphia, Beverly’s hometown. Just months earlier, the city honored the singer by renaming the 6000 block of North Norwood Street in East Germantown as “Frankie Beverly Way.” This gesture underscored the deep connection between Beverly and the City of Brotherly Love.

Maze, originally known as Raw Soul, was founded by Beverly in Philadelphia in 1970. The group later moved to San Francisco and was mentored by Marvin Gaye, who suggested their name change in 1976. Over the years, Maze released nine gold albums from 1977 to 1993. Their well-known songs include “Happy Feelin’s,” “While I’m Alone,” “Golden Time of Day,” “Southern Girl,” “The Look in Your Eyes,” “Joy and Pain,” “Before I Let Go,” “We Are One,” “Back in Stride,” “Can’t Get Over You,” and “The Morning After.” The band has maintained a large and devoted following.

Frankie Beverly

Between songs, Beverly took moments to reflect on his 50-year career, expressing gratitude to his fans by reaching out to touch outstretched hands and reacting to numerous selfies. As the final notes faded, Beverly, joined by his bandmates, took his final bow, bringing an end to a remarkable career spanning over five decades.

While this marks the end of Beverly’s touring days, the legacy of Maze will continue. The band plans to tour as “Maze Honoring Frankie Beverly,” with Tony Lindsay taking over lead vocal duties. However, for the thousands in attendance and millions of fans worldwide, there will only ever be one Frankie Beverly – the silky soul singer who provided the soundtrack to countless lives.

As fans filed out of the Dell Music Center, many shared their favorite Maze memories, a testament to the enduring impact of Beverly’s music. This farewell concert wasn’t just the end of a tour; it was the closing of a chapter in music history, one written in smooth harmonies and soulful rhythms that will resonate for generations to come.

Frankie Beverly

Images: Ron F. Allen

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