Freeing Free Philly Fringe

Partake in free events during the annual Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

As we’re now several days into 2019’s annual Philadelphia Fringe Festival and its accompanying Late Night Snacks after soiree (I’ll have more to say about this next week, as it teams with Opera Philadelphia’s O19 Fest then), it’s crucial too to help local audiences to the events of Free Fringe Philly.

Created (or, in their words, “instigated”) by Philadelphia actors, comedians, performance artists and friends Sarah Knittel and Betty Smithsonian (who told their friends, and so on and so on), Free Fringe Philly is in response to what they see as prohibitive fees (often in the $1,000 range) and high-cost tickets where the Philadelphia Fringe Festival is concerned. 

Performer and Artist, Sarah Knittel.

“This was an idea brewing for some time,” wrote Smithsonian in an email regarding Free Fringe Philly. “And it’s all just about empowering others. A movement and festival, a festiment. We aren’t presenting or producing any works, just cutting away obstacles for some folks to get their things happening.”

So, along with the first annual Free Fringe Philly at venues around the city comes a late-night pop-up cabaret bar at RADIOKISMET’s 10th & Hamilton space from Fergie Carey of Fergie’s Pub fame.

All info and times can be found here:

And here:

“The Detour”, an unofficial walking tour of Philadelphia’s ‘historic square mile’
and flips the script on its head in any way possible, is part of Free Fringe Philly.

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