Hustle – The Philly Movie and its Philly Soundtrack

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The soundtrack of Netflix’s Hustle features Philly artists, Tierra Whack, Eve, Beanie Sigel, Freeway and Meek Mill. 

Along with the sights of Philly in all of its glory to be found in hometown director Jeremiah Zagar’s Hustle out now on Netflix – the orange neon glare of butcher signs at night in the Italian Market, the tall-as-trees mural of Dr. J in Kensington, Loews Hotel on Market Street near City Hall – the most significant thing about his Adam Sandler basketball dramedy is its sound, its music.

From Tierra Whack’s soon-to-be-released soundtrack single, “Heaven,” to the work of 1990s platinum-selling State Property members Freeway and Beanie Sigel (all of whom appear, briefly in the film as themselves along with Sixers legends such as Barkley and Allan “The Answer” Iverson), the music of “Hustle” is thoroughly, holistically and organically tied to the city it was filmed in, and by Philadelphia.

And even though “Heaven” comes from Whack’s recent back catalog of 2021, the track feels tailor-made for the generosity of spirit and never-backing-down that is ripe throughout Zagar and Sandler’s Hustle. Premiering as it did, on Tuesday, at Broad and Chestnut’s Philadelphia Film Center, Hustle’s soundtrack is as (to use local sports radio guy Anthony Gargano’s parlance) “Philly shhhstrong!”


Along with Whack, other music used in the film – beyond synth whiz Dan Deacon’s score – fresh from the mouth of Philly, is “Feel It In the Air” by Beanie Sigel, “Philly, Philly” by Eve with Beanie, “Routine” by Wale feat. Meek Mill and Rick Ross, and “Full Effect” by Freeway featuring Young Gunz.  

That’s the Hustle.

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