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Jimmy Dore at Helium Comedy Club


Stand-up comedian and YouTube personality Jimmy Dore hits Helium Comedy Club this President’s Day Weekend.

To paraphrase Elvis Presley, “over 400 million views and Uh-Million subscribers” can’t be wrong. That’s the credo and fabulous fate of The Jimmy Dore Show, the regularly aired, YouTube web wonder from stand-up comic and author Jimmy Dore.

This Sunday, February 20, Jimmy Dore brings his singular fascination with something between Left and Right politics to Sansom Street’s Helium Comedy Club on Sunday, February 20. In a world filled with yellow lights stuck on at cancel culture and concerns of political correctness, Dore’s pragmatism is a speeding car running straight through a crowded intersection.

jimmy dore

“I just put jokes around the news,” Dore said on the phone from Los Angeles. “That’s my reflex, to see what’s funny within what’s real. I once heard Bill Hicks say something like he looks at a given situation and applies logic. Then what’s left over is the funny part.”

Like The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight and the work of the non-partisan work of Russell Brand, more viewers go to the comic likes of Jimmy Dore than they do most regularly scheduled news programs on CNN, Fox and MSNBC.

jimmy dore

“I think the only reason that people turn to comedians for journalism, is because it is lacking elsewhere,” states Jimmy Dore. “It’s not because I am a better journalist. It’s because it’s easy to outdo those at the corporate media-level who are paid to tell and not tell certain stories. Paid by who? Big pharma. Big tech. The military-industrial complex. Fossil fuels. Health insurance companies. When Pfizer or Boeing sponsor segments on Meet the Press, they’re not sponsoring the investigations of their companies. They’re sponsoring the non-investigations. That’s why you don’t get any answers or any real news on any of the news shows.”


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