New Philly Music Amos Lee

West Philadelphia’s Amos Lee.

New Philly Music from Philly Artists

Philly artists Amos Lee, Jazmine Sullivan and Shamir release new music.

On an unseasonably warm February morning such as this, I’m not looking to bring you down with distressed thoughts of the soul, troubled minds and mental health, but rather sway you sideways, then up. People solving their own situations, especially via new Philly music, is a happy thing to be treasured and deified.

Take West Philadelphia’s Amos Lee whose new album, “Dreamland,” continues his run of great sophisticated folk-pop, with an isolated edge, that always reaches the top of the Adult Alternative charts, and was discussing the topic of mental health before anyone.

New Philly Music Amos Lee

His new single “Worry No More”, is Lee’s biggest radio and streaming hit in over a decade, Top 5 at AAA and Americana formats. Lee has also had albums that went number one on Billboard’s Top 200 (the now decade-old “Mission Bell”), and “Dreamland” does no less in its lyrical dedication to what it means to be lost in the stars.
Considering that Lee has self-described his music as his way of building a bridge to others in the world outside of his bubble, “Dreamland” reaches further in hopes of that connection, as deals with his anxious despair and a blues man’s worried mind. “I’m not afraid to dream / even when I can’t stop shaking / even when my heart is breaking,” Lee sings through his most sublime music in ages.

For all of Lee’s vulnerability within the walls of “Dreamland,” its sturdy, R&B folksy blend gives his vocals the strength and slipperiness to move beyond anything fragile or frail. The more stress that Lee portrays with honesty and forthrightness, the stronger he is.
The same thing is true of Philly’s Jazmine Sullivan who also has just released “Heaux Tales, Mo’ Tales: The Deluxe” as a fuller, rounder version of her 2021 Grammy-nominated R&B barnstormer.

Yes, we have written about Sullivan many times. We will continue to write about her many more times if she insists on releasing such work that reveals a lust for life and truth.

There was already a wealth of sadness, hurt, betrayal, strain, shaming and self-loathing in the walls of its original tracks. The addition of further tales, from the likes of Issa Rae from “Insecure” no less, and extra tracks from Sullivan portray a slightly different story than what once was.

New Philly Music Jazmine Sullivan

In particular, closing with a spare, bluesy track that sounds as if it came, raw and unfettered from her bedroom’s four-track, “Selfish”, gives the listener a sense of hope and choice, of what it means to not give one’s heart to those who can’t treat it like the treasure it is.

Philly’s always actively recording, writing and producing multi-hyphenate singer and player Shamir has new Philly music (another) out this week, “Heterosexuality”, to go with their recent streetwear brand (Bipolar Butterfly) look on the art of painting (But I’m A Painter) and gigs opening for Courtney Barnett at The Met.

Is it good? Yes. Is it great? Double yes. Is it louder than bombs? Beyond. It’s nice and rough just like Tina Turner likes it.

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