Jazmine Sullivan

Jazmine Sullivan sets herself up for 2022

The Philly Songstress and Grammy Nominated, Jazmine Sullivan drops “Jazzy’s Tale” and readies to take the stage at The Met.

By now, everyone, Philly and beyond, knows that hometown hero Jazmine Sullivan and her 2021 album, “Heaux Tales” was majorly Grammy-nominated last month, garnering three Grammy Award noms for Best R&B Song and Performance for “Pick Up Your Feelings,” and a major nom for the album itself. They are all major nominations… Just saying.

What you might not know, as you’ve been busy celebrating Christmas, eating and drinking and yelling at your family is that Sullivan has been up to some stuff during the short pre-2022 break.

Jazmine Sullivan

First, she dropped a snippet of a new song – or at the very least an unreleased track from “Heaux Tales” – the aptly-titled “Jazzy’s Tale” to her Instagram that could very well signal that she is either working on new music or bolstering the multiple Grammy “Heaux Tales” with a deluxe version and perhaps additional music. 

Also, during the same Christmas break, Jazmine Sullivan dropped the bomb on her upcoming tour’s Philly show – a date that wasn’t initially announced when the rest of her 2022 tour was. The Met Philadelphia will host Sullivan on March 18, and tickets are already on sale and moving fast. As you should.

Jazmine Sullivan

Anyone who has followed Jazmine since her start, graduating the Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts, hearing about her mom having sung backgrounds for Gamble, Huff and Bell, getting signed-to-and-dropped from Jive Records, doing vocals on the first Kindred and the Family Soul album Surrender to Love… And hooking up with Missy Elliott who wound up producing the bulk of her first two albums – “Fearless”, and “Love Me Back” – have been waiting for this moment. 

These same people (me included) knew she dropped out and took her time to return to the smart genre-jumping R&B of 2015’s Reality Show and again for the grown, emotional roller coaster of “Heaux Tales”.

Jazmine Sullivan

Talking about those twin-towering, back to back albums, Jazmine Sullivan was quoted as saying:

“I had a lot of stories. The tales included were the most powerful. I wrote the songs first, and then because I know all the women that played a part in this project, I knew who I could go to, to expand on where the song left off. Because the tales, for me, were the meat of the project. They give you so much more perspective.” 

With the Instagram drop of “Jazzy Tales” coming so soon on the heels of “Heaux Tales”, the hope of not having to wait five and six years between albums is almost there.

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