MIA 2021 Festival

Rapper Young Thug performing at the 2021 Made in America Music Festival.

MIA 2021 Festival – Lessons

dosage MAGAZINE and I learned more than a little during the just-passed Labor Day weekend’s two-day, MIA 2021 festival.

For instance, for the 10th-anniversary celebration of Jay-Z’s annual RocNation/Live Nation affair, vax cards and masks were required for entry, but the second requirement was mostly ignored by the considerably young throng once they got through MIA’s three gate system. Once inside the MIA 2021 festival, the audience mostly avoided Hova’s treasured Cause Alley and hung instead at the fest’s hundred-plus food trucks (I would kill to see how much these culinary crews made – they were never not packed), as well as a selfie-snapping mock-up of the Staten Island, NY corner grocers where Wu-Tang Clan hung to celebrate their Hulu series, “Wu-Tang: An American Saga.” and its second season, starting September 8.

MIA 2021 Festival
Roddy Rich performs at the 2021 Made in America Music Festival.

We learned that Young Thug likes the color pink very much (from his outfit to his mic to his on-stage super-sized spider), that Philly’s Lil Uzi Vert and Meek Mill are welcome anytime (including the former’s guest spot with Lil Baby, and the latter’s pop-up slot tailing Megan Thee Stallion’s set), that no one minds a little, slow vibing bump-and-grind courtesy R&B crooner Kehlani, that artists love their ass-smacking choreography (I’m looking at you MTS and Latto), and that Justin Bieber really can hold sway – and keep a crowd – over Made in America’s audience with his swoony brand of pop soul.

MIA 2021 Festival
Lil Durk on stage at the 2021 Made in America Festival.

MIA 2021 Festival, lesson learned.

Images: NuVision

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