Evil Genius Beer

Evil Genius Beer and LOKI Seltzer


Evil Genius Beer with its new Sheetz collab and LOKI’s Delta-8 enhanced-infused seltzer – The drinks that Philly needs to know about now.

After a long Labor Day Weekend of Made in America, it is only now – LD Tuesday – where I can kick back, and actually relax. And without sounding like an automobile ad or a hack Insta pitch, there are a few new drinks – alcoholic and non-alcoholic and thoroughly related to Philly – of which I will choose to do that with, or upcoming events that seem easy in which to chill and sip. There is Front Street in Fishtown’s Evil Genius Beer Company who just put its new collaboration with Sheetz restaurants on sale, a New Vanilla Cappuccino Beer Limited-edition cream ale – Project Vanilla Shteam Machine – that is brewed with Sheetz’s vanilla cappuccino, ripe with subtle coffee notes, and a topped with a delicate hoppy aroma. Four packs of 16-ounce cans will retail for only $7.99, and went on sale at the top of the weekend.

Evil Genius Beer

“Our first craft beer collaboration, Project Brewberry Muffinz, sold out in just five days,” wrote Ryan Sheetz, Vice President of Marketing and Brand at Sheetz. “We anticipate similar customer demand for this limited-edition beer that will only be available while supplies last.”

Luke Bowen, Owner at Evil Genius Beer Company writes, “Sheetz is an amazing family run and independent business that cares and is supportive of other local companies and breweries in the areas they reside in.”

If you can’t get to a Sheetz shop, Project Vanilla Shteam Machine is available at The Lab at Evil Genius Beer Company at 1727 N Front Street. Plus, a limited number of cases will be ready for mellow coffee-brew combustion/consumption at the Evil Genius Beer Food Truck Festival on September 9, the Eagles Tailgate Block Party on September 12, the Evil Genius Beer Company’s 10th Anniversary Party on September 25, and the Under the El culinary and couture Bazaar on September 30.

Then there is the LOKI jawn I discovered at Made in America. Usually, during a two-day extended MIA romp, I’d hang out and sip Jay-Z’s D’Usse cognac all day long. It’s certainly smooth enough, and beats the fest’s initial co-sponsor, Budweiser, by a mile (though I dare say that the very first MIA in 2012 was a nice Bud buzz for all that attended).

A long day’s hang in the balm, the rain and the sun, though – noon until midnight, two days in a row – required something cooling with a buzz not whack, but gentle, and tasty. I found that in the new-to-Philadelphia LOKI seltzer – a 20MG Delta-8 enhanced-infused seltzer, yet, whose cannabinoid extract Delta-8, is being tagged as a “euphoric alternative to alcohol that keeps us clear-headed. Which it did, as I drank this, water and no booze during Made in America, felt great, up, and chill with the mellowest of buzzes. Plus, unlike CBD drinks, it tastes really great – a smidge like a green tea with honey jawn.

Philadelphia’s LOKI main man in sales and partnerships, Daniel Shuey, told me that, “We saw a huge demand in the market for alternatives to alcohol, but no alternative beverage on the current market gave people any sort of effects after consuming. CBD tried, but none of the CDB beverages on the market are really alcoholic alternatives. I think that’s where LOKI shines, and Delta-8, in general, fills that need. Delta-8 has psychoactive properties because it’s still THC at the end of the day, but it tends to be more on the social side when it comes to effects, as opposed to your everyday Delta-9 THC. The idea here was to have a few of these at a festival, bar, nightclub, or just hanging out with friends and not be hungover the next day. Our aim so to take Enhanced Seltzer’s mainstream.”

Plus, the hemp-derived LOKI is 5 calories for a 12 oz can, with 0 Carbs, 0 Sugar, Gluten free, and naturally flavored. Win win.

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