The Finder Float

The Finder Float at The Franklin Fountain

Indulge in the unique blend of The Finder Float, a collaboration between The Franklin Fountain and The Pathfinder Hemp and Root, for a limited time only.

The Franklin Fountain, the iconic ice cream parlor in Philadelphia’s Old City, has teamed up with The Pathfinder Hemp and Root to create a limited-time treat that perfectly captures the essence of the season’s end. Introducing “The Finder Float,” a delightful and flavorful concoction that combines the best of both worlds: classic ice cream parlor charm and the innovative spirit of The Pathfinder.

The $13 Finder Float is a carefully crafted masterpiece that harmoniously blends together various flavors: The Pathfinder Hemp and Root, Liber & Co. Kola syrup, Herman’s Coffee-infused coffee concentrate, chocolate syrup, seltzer, and creamy vanilla ice cream. The ensemble is crowned with a dollop of whipped cream, garnished with chocolate-covered espresso beans, and adorned with an additional drizzle of chocolate syrup.

The Finder Float

Central to the float’s magic is The Pathfinder Hemp and Root, a hemp-based, non-alcoholic spirit that echoes the flavors and aromas of traditional spirits without the alcoholic effects. This liquid innovation pays homage to the age of apothecaries and homemade remedies, drawing inspiration from the American West’s rich history and its inhabitants’ pioneering spirit.

The Pathfinder transcends being just a non-alcoholic alternative. It behaves like a traditional spirit, making it versatile in its usage. This spirit adds a unique touch to any drink, whether sipped neat, mixed in coffee, served over ice, or used as the base for inventive cocktails.

The Finder Float is a limited-time offering available throughout August and September while supplies last at The Franklin Fountain, open daily from 11 am to midnight. The Pathfinder Hemp and Root bottles can also be purchased at Art in the Age, conveniently close to The Franklin Fountain.

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