$100 minimum per person

$100 minimum per person at Steak 48

Philadephia’s famed steakhouse, Steak 48 has a new dress code and is charging $100 minimum per person. And we understand. 

You can tell that we’re quickly getting over our 16-month long pandemic season in Hell now that all of our currently made-up problems this Memorial Day Weekend seem so trite. Like worrying that we’ll have to carry our vax passports to Hop Sing Laundromat as it reopens and the Dead & Co shows this summer. Or that there’s nothing better to do than watch HBO’s The Mare of Easttown finale on Sunday. Or the newest headache which trended on Wednesday night: Steak 48’s new $100 per person minimum, its fresh dress code, and, of course, its social media backlash.

$100 minimum per person

After having spent multiple millions leasing, building out and marketing the tony Steak 48 – and the restaurant looks as it good as it tastes – on the Avenue of the Arts, the steak space has decided that it needs to clamp down on “appetizer dates” (you know, unless each person at the table orders $100 worth of appetizers; not crazy hard to do) for a higher ticket turnover. 

Fortunately or unfortunately, whatever, I get why they had to raise the price points on a per dinner scale, there. Considering the investment made, the opening costs, leasing an opulent large scale space, and the necessity to run the operatic room at a quarter, then half of the space due to social distancing necessities – all right on the cusp of Covid 19 – Steak 48 needs to make its money back to be and remain solvent. That’s about business, not class structure. If you want to see The Dead or Jay-Z’s Made in America this summer, you’re going to spend over $100 a person (actually way more, but I’m just making an example). I love a good old appetizer and drinks date, but, quite simply, diners and boozers will have to dress up and date at one of the many eateries around town.

As for an amended dress code at Steak 48, I wear low cut everything like I’m going to an audition for Saturday Night Fever, so… I’m out.

Bon appetite.

$100 minimum per person

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