Baba's Turbo Squirrel Kombucha

Baba’s Turbo Squirrel Kombucha

Baba’s Turbo Squirrel Kombucha offers a natural boost of energy and focus with three exciting flavors. 

Baba’s Brew is introducing a new member to its lineup: Baba’s Turbo Squirrel Kombucha. This innovative, energy-boosted kombucha, powered by all-natural, plant-based ingredients, provides a natural way to enhance energy levels and focus without the negative side effects commonly associated with traditional energy drinks. With its range of flavors and unique formulation, Baba’s Turbo Squirrel is a proper sidekick for students, athletes, and caffeine enthusiasts.

Baba’s Turbo Squirrel offers the same amount of caffeine as other energy drinks but without the jittery and anxious feelings that often accompany them. Instead, founder and owner Olga Sorzano combined her crafted raw kombucha with plant-based ingredients known for their brain-boosting properties. Adding adaptogenic mushrooms, including reishi, cordyceps, and lion’s mane, along with guayusa, guarana, and yerba mate, creates a powerful blend that enhances brain function, cognition, and endurance.

Baba’s Turbo Squirrel comes in three enticing flavors, catering to different preferences and requirements:

Reishi Lemon: Ideal for coffee lovers looking for an alternative to reduce anxiety and stress. This flavor, infused with reishi mushrooms, boosts the immune system while delivering the same caffeine kick as a cup of coffee.

Baba's Turbo Squirrel Kombucha

Cordyceps Ginger: Tailored for students amid exams and late-night study sessions. The cordyceps mushrooms in this flavor enhance energy levels, fight fatigue, and improve brain function, memory, and focus.

Baba's Turbo Squirrel Kombucha

Passion Fruit Lion’s Mane: Designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking a healthier pre-workout option. The lion’s mane mushrooms in this blend reduce anxiety, increase calmness, and improve clarity, endurance, and stamina.

Baba's Turbo Squirrel Kombucha

Baba’s Turbo Squirrel is now available at selected retailers, including Mid-Atlantic region Whole Foods Markets, Riverwards, MOM’S Organic Market, DiBruno’s, and Weaver’s Way Co-op. Additionally, enthusiasts can find it at Baba’s Bucha’s tasting room, named A Culture Factory, in Phoenixville, PA.

Baba's Turbo Squirrel Kombucha

Baba’s Turbo Squirrel offers a refreshing and healthier alternative to traditional energy drinks. With its natural ingredients and diverse flavors, it caters to the needs of various individuals, from students and athletes to those looking to avoid the negative effects of caffeine. So embrace the natural boost of energy and focus with Baba’s Turbo Squirrel, an ideal companion for busy lives, workouts, and demanding study sessions.

Images: KC Tinari

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