Chef Ryan Moore's Filet Mignon with a ginger soy demi glaze, potatoes, and sprout hash.

Chef Ryan Moore is tasting greatness, one dish at a time

Chef Ryan Moore, owns the high-end Philadelphia catering company, Touch of Greatness.

He’s fed veal to John Legend, filet to Black Thought and salmon to Dipset rapper Hell Rell. How many other up-and-coming chefs in the Philadelphia food scene can say they’ve primed the palates of notable names such as these in such a short span?

Enter Chef Ryan Moore. Born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love, Moore grew up with his mother’s simple cooking and has risen the ranks to work with great culinary artists such as Georges Perrier, Gordon Ramsay, Brian Duffy, Darryl Harmon, and others.

Chef Ryan Moore, owns the high-end Philadelphia catering company, Touch of Greatness.

He owns Touch of Greatness, a high-end catering company he started four years ago that caters to events, weddings and similar occasions, with the purpose of bringing “the same restaurant experience to the home,” he says. “I’ve been cooking since I was a little kid. I started out watching mom make chicken, eggs, stuff like that. It just went on from there,” said Moore. “I love cooking, and I want to be the best at it, so, I got my feet wet and started running.”

At the age of 9, he said, Moore was at the stove. Now, every month he throws a dinner party for guests of Touch of Greatness, and his latest one is coming up on Valentine’s Day.

“Touch of Greatness is about to be a brand name,” he said with enthusiasm.

Check out Moore’s culinary creations online here.

A seared Bass with garlic truffled mashed potatoes, with a vintage beurre blanc sauce, prepared by Chef Moore.
Images: Courtesy of Ryan Moore.

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