DiBruno’s gets two new locations in two weekends

Now open, DiBruno Bros Street Bottle Shop on Ninth Street and Banca in Northern Liberties.

If Emilio Mignucci and the family of fellow DiBruno Bros’ Gourmet Food are anything (beyond the area’s finest purveyors and curators of cheese, charcuterie, and such morsels), it is ambitious. Along with being devoted to maintaining its familial origin story, the original DiBruno’s on Ninth Street’s Italian Market, the Mignucci’s have just opened two new locations – one of which is suspiciously close to home base.

Anyone who knows the DiBruno’s tasting events in the Italian Market and at its location in Rittenhouse Square knows that large crowds and rare meats, cheeses and wines go together. So, the DiBrunos have moved into Northern Liberties with Banca – a wedding and event space designed by local architect Frank Furness as the Northern Savings Fund bank, but, made, but made famous (first) as The Bank, from Stephen Starr, then Transit, from the Weiss Brothers of Voyeur fame. More open-air(y) and brighter than the dazzling noir of The Bank and Transit nightclubs, Banca’s event space design is gorgeous and only falls slightly to second place consider the banquet catering options available courtesy DiBrunos.

Then there is the long-awaited DiBruno Bros’ Street Bottle Shop but two doors down from its Ninth Street location. The brothers have had this spot for what seems like 20 years (I live around the corner – it feels that long), and though they have placed a similar bottle shop in its Chestnut Street location at the Franklin, and a wine bar and café (Alimentari) in the towering Rittenhouse shop, this Bottle Shop in the Italian Market just feels like family – like having the smells of Sunday gravy accompanied by a deep red.

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