Ginny Ferrant Perry

"Ben's Story"

Ginny Ferrant Perry at Da Vinci Art Alliance

Not Forgotten, a portrait series by artist Ginny Ferrant Perry will run from February 1st through the 19th at Da Vinci Art Alliance.

Ginny Ferrant Perry honors the voices of local nursing home residents in her Not Forgotten series, featuring stunningly crafted ink, paint and pastel portraits. After dedicating years as a volunteer, listening to their stories and developing relationships with those dependent on care due to Alzheimer’s or Hospice Care conditions, the artist was struck by the strength of each patient. Every patient, eventually subject, yearned for their legacy to be remembered. Not Forgotten is such a memorial.

Ginny Ferrant Perry
“The Nurturer”

Not Forgotten offers a remarkable, compassionate look into the depths of emotion that Ginny Ferrante Perry experiences with each resident. This powerful project brings needed attention to our elderly community members who reside in nursing homes and serves as an uplifting reminder that there is a significant purpose behind every life.

The opening reception for Ginny Ferrante Perry’s Not Forgotten at Da Vinci Art Alliance is scheduled for Saturday, February 4th, from 4 pm to 7 pm, at 704 Catharine Street, Philadelphia PA.

Not Forgotten is not to be missed.

Ginny Ferrant Perry
“After the Fall”

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