LIBRE Chair Collection

LIBRE Chair Collection

International Artist and Designer Paul Mathieu introduces his latest seating offerings with the LIBRE Chair Collection.

Paul Mathieu triumphantly returns to the chair, an iconic form that has shaped his award-winning collections, with the LIBRE Chair Collection.

The LIBRE chair collection is a magnificent composition of plaster glass and fiberglass resin, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. With dimensions of 19.5″ W x 20″ D x 31″ H and a seat height of 18″, this lightweight yet sturdy piece weighs in at only 21 pounds. Its pristine matte finish provides every piece with its own unique imprint from the artist, available in either black or white.

By fusing technical know-how with endless imagination, Mathieu’s unique approach has allowed him to combine the beauty of natural elements and craft poetry in sculptural forms that prompt conversations between form and space, as well as movement and stillness. When it came to LIBRE, his creative process kicked off with a sketch before blossoming into a 3D formation.

“Guided by intuition and layers of memories and sensations, I always start in the same place – a state of mind completely free from what I have done before. First, I explore the sensorial aspects, asking, ‘How will this feel to touch, to regard?” Then I grab my sketchbook and begin to sketch. I let go and let the sketch guide me.” – Paul Mathieu.

LIBRE Chair Collection

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