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Nathon Verdugo: Connected

Meet and connect with LA based Public Relations and Marketing Professional, Nathon Verdugo.

Name: Nathon Verdugo

Occupation: Public Relations and Marketing Professional.

Current city: Los Angeles, California.

Born and raised there or imported? Los Angeles born. Grand Rapids, Michigan and Los Angeles, California raised.

What is your connection to your current city? Aside from being born here, I’m half Mexican with the Mexican side of my family originating from LA when LA was still part of Mexico. In fact, the last governor of California under Mexican rule was my Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather. It’s pretty cool driving streets in your city that still carry your family’s namesake. 

Nathon verudo

What’s your favorite restaurant? Ugh, this is a hard one! LA has so much diverse cultural cuisine, you literally have all the authentic flavors of the world just off your doorstep. Here are my top five: Road to Seoul, KBBQ Met Him At A Bar, Italian Leos Taco Truck, Tacos El Coyote, Mexican Colfax, Coffee and Breakfast Burritos… And of course, In N Out!Best place to shop? I’m a sneakerhead, so it’s as convenient as it is dangerous having all the stores on Melrose, Fairfax, and La Brea so close. From Undefeated to American Rag, Cool Kicks to Sole Stage… All the hard-to-find exclusives are just a credit card swipe away. 

What is your one favorite “best kept secret” about your city? Something that you and only a few others know about but everyone should? LA is home to 12 and a half million people with over 22 million tourists visiting every year. When you find a secret spot you keep it to yourself… DM me and I might share.

Nathon verudo

What makes your city your city? – What do you absolutely love about it? I love LA! LA provides the best the world has to offer. From top-rated cuisine to fantastic nightlife, the best weather in the world and the fact it’s the cultural epicenter for all things action and outdoors. Where else can you wake up, take a dip in the ocean at dawn, grab an early coffee at the same cafe as your favorite musician or actor, book it to the mountains to catch a couple of afternoon snowboard sends, and end the evening watching the sunset in the desert? Oh, and if you happen to be a motorcycle enthusiast like myself, LA provides access to the finest on and off-road riding locations anywhere. I know I’m going to hear quips about the traffic, which is valid, LA has some of the worst. But if you are adventurous enough to explore the city via motorbike, “traffic” becomes a non-issue thanks to California being the only state in the union that allows lane splitting.

Socials: @nathonverdugo on all platforms.

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