Philly Bierfest 2023

Philly Bierfest 2023

At last, the highly-anticipated 10th Annual Philly Bierfest is here! Celebrate Pennsylvania’s centuries-long heritage of lager brewing by tasting German-style beers from local craft brewers and breweries in Germany.

The German Society of Pennsylvania announced that the Philly Bierfest will return, after a two year break, on Saturday, February 25th, 2023 from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm, celebrating its tenth anniversary. Philly Bierfest pays homage to the solid foundation in brewing and love for German lager beers, brewed in the state of Pennsylvania.

 From small breweries in Erie to large ones in Philadelphia, all Pennsylvania brewers will be joining forces alongside importers of German beers for the Philly Bierfest 2023 featuring classic styles such as weizens, kölsches, dunkels and blocks.

Philly Bierfest 2023

“Locals may not realize that Pennsylvania brewers lead the nation in championing beer styles of German heritage, from refreshing pilsners to malty doppelbock. Bierfest is a perfect showcase for what should be a point of pride for Philadelphia’s beer lovers.” –  Bill Covaleski, Victory Brewing Company President, Founding President of the Brewers of Pennsylvania Trade Association.

And if you think that there won’t be anything but drinking German-style beers from over twenty Pennsylvania brewers at this brew fest, think again. Attendees can enjoy live music, folk dancing, roller derby arm wrestling, feats of strength, and Berlin-Style BEERlesque shows. 

Tickets for Philly Bierfest 2023 are available now. Ein Prosit!

Philly Bierfest 2023

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