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Philly’s Live at Studio 4 debut unites local producer-curator, Will Yip, with Scranton emo giants Tigers Jaw

Producer and Drummer Will Yip curates a new live streaming music series.

No matter what music comes out of there (and the fare has been varied, from Billy Joel to The Goats) Studio 4 in Conshohocken (129 Fayette Street) is a happy place, a room with, and of, great vibes.

Producer-drummer (Lauryn Hill, Schoolly D, and Say Anything) Will Yip made his bones in that room with hot mixes for emo-punk likes of Turnstile, and Title Fight, but, truly put a face to his sense of variety when he debuted his Memory Music label with Scranton, PA punk pals Tigers Jaw, and their “Studio 4 Acoustic Session,” recorded in 2014.

will yip
Producer and Drummer, Will Yip.

Six years later, Yip and Tigers Jaw meet again for the new, streaming “Live at Studio 4.” Starting Aug. 14, with Tigers Jaw as his loud and live music-making first guests, the producer commences (with highly regarded accompanying videographer hate5six) his work as a curator and showrunner with this socially distanced in-studio showcase at Yip’s home-away-from-home recording space. Starts at 9 p.m., costs $10. And your stream holds for 72 hours after it starts for repeated viewing and listening pleasure.

Scranton, PA’s Tigers Jaw.

From Ben Walsh of Tigers Jaw, “It’s crazy to think about, but, our relationship stretches back about a decade. So many mutual trusted friends of ours were saying such good things about working with Will. That in addition to great sounding records, his recording process was fun, collaborative, positive, and challenging. Once we met in person we knew it would be a legit friendship beyond a working relationship. Being able to kick off this new format of a show at Studio 4, and partner with Will to navigate this new experience for us and viewers is a great honor and a testament to the trust we have in each other to make it something special.”

tigers jaw live at studio 4

From Will Yip, “I wanted to give this community of incredible musicians another resource, an outlet to do what they do best. To share their craft, offer them a space for them to share a live experience we’ve all missed so much this year. That also coincides with how much love there is for this room. The Studio 4 live room is one of my favorite places on earth and one of the most inspiring rooms to be in. I think a lot of the artists that have been in here would agree. I wanted to share that experience of being in this room! I think Sunny Singh captures the vibe of this room perfectly to the point where you’ll feel the magic of the room just watching this series. Aside from being one of my favorite bands in the world, Tigers Jaw are some of my best friends. Every time I have any new venture idea even outside of music I usually text Ben right away to talk about it. Tigers Jaw just makes sense. And it just so happened that we were both thinking the same thing at the same time. My partner Tim and I were talking about doing a live, in-studio series one day and Ben hit me up that night sharing their interest in doing an awesome live stream soon. So the stars just aligned but after the last few records we’ve done together and the years spent growing our relationship, Tigers Jaw just makes so much sense as a partner in sharing our intimate little world here together.”


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