Quest Loves Food

The Roots drummer and culinary entrepreneur goes for a “Mixtape Potluck.”

How many drummers do you know that are also New York Times’ best-selling book writers and James Beard Award-nominated authors? Cut to the chase: Questlove, the cofounder of Philadelphia’s The Roots and its extended Roots Family, the bandleader for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and a culinary entrepreneur who has done everything from sell fried chicken and vegan cheesesteaks (made from the soy protein Impossible Meat), to broker deals with Williams Sonoma for snacks (Questlove Sneakies Popcorn Seasoning) and kitchen utensils, to pen books such as “somethingtofoodabout: Exploring Creativity With Innovative Chefs.”

One thing Quest always wanted to do, however, was a cookbook, or at least a guidebook to a great meal. But, he had to do one that had hip hop flair and savoir-faire. Back in February, Quest told me he was preparing a book, heavy with photos, that involved all of his potentially favorite guests, all popping in for the most gi-hugic potluck dinner party. For said dinner party, 50 plus musicians, chefs, artists, cultural leaders, social media influencers, thought bosses, and more had to bring along a favorite recipe. Then Questlove paired each dinner guest with a song that he felt captured their unique inner self and creative energy.

That book is “Mixtape Potluck,” which comes out today, October 16, with a celebratory jam at the B. PHL Festival tomorrow afternoon.

With a foreword by fellow potluck aficionado Martha Stewart and bits from Questlove’s about how to make the perfect dinner party playlist, the “Mixtape Potluck” guest list reads like a who’s who of the over 35-year-old hipster elite.

The Guest List:
Éric Ripert • Carla Hall • Tom Sachs • Fred Armisen • Martha Stewart • Dustin Yellin • Ardenia Brown • Padma Lakshmi • Greg Baxtrom • Ignacio Mattos • Camille Becerra • Nyesha Arrington • Kelly Fields • Maya Rudolph • Shep Gordon • Tariq Trotter • Alex Stupak • Lilly Singh • Zooey Deschanel • Marisa Tomei • Edouardo Jordan • Flynn McGarry • Jessica Koslow • Amy Poehler • Haile Thomas • Kimbal Musk • Natalie Portman • Jessica Seinfeld • Ashley Graham • Mark Ladner • Humberto Leon • Tanya Holland • Kwame Onwuachi • Yvonne Orji • Jimmy Fallon • Carol Lim • Kevin Tien • Athena Calderone • Andrew Zimmern • JJ Johnson • Mashama Bailey • Missy Robbins • Chris Fischer • Jessica Biel • Melody Ehsani • Dominique Ansel • Christina Tosi • Joey Baldino • Thelma Golden • Gabrielle Union • Kether Donohue

Charming stuff, this.

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