Shortie No Mass

Shortie No Mass – Essential Tunes For The Next 7 Days

This week’s Listenin’ Booth includes music from Philadelphia’s own power house “emcee”, Shortie No Mass off of her latest release, “here goes nothing.” Plus four other essential tunes you should be listening to right now.

Identity Crisis – Shortie No Mass

Shortie No Mass

Shortie No Mass, is an African-American Rhythm and Blues singer and rapper from Philadelphia. She was discovered by De La Soul and heavily featured on their third album, 1993’s “Buhloone Mindstate.”

Lo and Behold – Vintage Trouble

Shortie No Mass

California’s Vintage Trouble creates retro 50s and 60s soul and rock ‘n roll music. “Lo and Behold” is taken from their latest full length album, “Juke Joint Gems.”

Street Elders – j the audiophile

Shortie No Mass

Philly Hip Hop DJ and Producer, J the audiophile, releases “Raheem’s Request.” The latest in a series of self produced beat tapes that draw inspiration from old school hip hop and 70s blaxploitation films.

Pharos Sunset – Jimi Tenor

Shortie No Mass

“Terra Exotica” is a completely new work composed by Finnish musician and artist, Jimi Tenor. Inspired by nearby forests and the seashore, Japanese film-era film music, and bands like Sun Ra and Salah Ragab, Jimi enlists Finlands Umo Helsinki Jazz Orchestra to bring the compositions to life.

Last One Rolling Around – Sean Mingo

Shortie No Mass

Taken from the newly released nine song full length album, “A Way Back Home”, “Last One Rolling Around” is Florida rapper Sean Mingo’s timely foray into creating gritty, lofi, indie rock and rhythm and blues fused pop music, and it’s brilliant.

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