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Snacktime Philly and underground concepts party at broad hall.

Snacktime Philly and Top Chef Natalie Maronski’s underground concepts hit up and co-host a food party jawn at broad hall. in the Divine Lorraine.

This one is filled with several Philly fresh concepts, so pay attention. broad hall. at the Divine Lorraine (yes, that is how it is spelled) is a new venue in the grand old hotel that focuses on mixed media and genre jumbling events – gallery/art/installation work, dining experiences, it has its own kitchen and mobile bar, DJ jams, community events, and pop-ups of every stripe.

underground concepts (also spelled as such) is a new culinary-driven event from Chef Natalie Maronski, (Season 16 Bravo Top Chef contestant, and a longtime one-time Chef Jose Garces affiliate) and DJ DEL, meant to focus on the intersection of food, music, and culture, and comprises several separate venues within the historic Divine Lorraine.

Snacktime Philly
Chef Natalie Maronski

On Wednesday, July 21, broad hall meets underground concepts with the help of the six-piece Snacktime Philly Brass Band for a full evening of live music and lively dining.

While DEL reminds us that the new “broad hall is acoustically incredible” and that “underground concepts.” Is four new and super cool venues focused on the intersection of great Philly food-music-culture.” Sam Gellerstein of Snacktime Philly says the roots of this event go back aways.

“This collaboration was forged in late 2016 when I first met Brian Kane,” says Gellerstein of the local gentleman bar keep and cocktail maker and shaker who is also part of the July 21 party. “From then until now, they have been known to throw the sickest parties of all time. Enter 2021, and the foundation team. With Del and Natalie Maronski at the helm of the foundation squad, they decided it was time to give Philadelphia what they’ve always deserved. After a long, arduous year, the sexy sweaty dance party was born!”

OK, I’ll bite.

There will be beverages by Brian Kane, and a DJ set by DJ Sexy Man Kyon Williams.

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