Valentine’s Day: A holiday some of us love to hate

Love yourself the best way you know how to… Duh!

We dedicate one day every year to celebrating love, and that lovely day is Valentine’s day. Ironically, some of us love to hate it…But not me! 

I asked some of my peers to share their thoughts on the holiday, and whether they were or weren’t planning on celebrating, I sensed that there was a vague feeling of pressure associated with Valentine’s day. There was the pressure to impress, the pressure to compete, the pressure to not feel alone. All types of pressure, so I get it. We stress out about giving or receiving love for one heavily commercialized holiday. What’s the point?

The point is… Love! It’s easy. We’ve just made it more complex than it needs to be, so I understand why some of us treat V-day like D-day. We’ve been putting too much emphasis on society’s ideals of “romance”, and not enough emphasis on good ole L-O-V-E.

If you’re in a relationship, then celebrate it the way you naturally would and not how you see Instagram influencers do it. That impossible-to-get-into restaurant will still be standing tomorrow, and the gifts you planned to present on this very day will still be available for purchase any day. If you’re single, it’s even easier. Love yourself the best way you know how to… Duh! 

Contrary to my chronic RBF [Resting Bitch Face], and as cheesy as this sounds, I simply just love “love.” As a stylist, I work closely with brides, and I love hearing their love stories. I love sappy rom-coms. I loved watching my son sign off on his valentine’s cards. And I love sampling discounted chocolates after Valentine’s day! But because I deserve to love myself just as much, I decided to take a solo trip out of town to do some different things that I love. That, and I’m single AF, so I’m taking full advantage of my opportunity for some self lovin’.

So however you choose to spend the holiday, make sure you’re simply choosing to do what you love with the people you love (self, included). After all, the premise of Valentine’s Day is just “love.”

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