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The BOOSTER Easy eBike and the BOOSTER S-pedelec electric will join the existing line-up of high-quality Yamaha Urban Mobility models.

Yamaha has released two new electric bikes, the BOOSTER Easy eBike, and BOOSTER S-pedelec, specifically designed for urban transportation. These bikes were developed in Europe due to the growing demand for quiet, clean, and accessible transport options. The new BOOSTER electric models have a top-of-the-line Yamaha drive unit and a sturdy and classic frame design.

What distinguishes Yamaha’s BOOSTER Easy from BOOSTER is their performance. Although they share the same lightweight chassis design and look alike, BOOSTER Easy is an eBike that allows for a maximum pedal-assisted speed of 25km/h. Compared, BOOSTER is an AM license S-pedelec or electric moped that can reach a maximum pedal-assisted speed of 45km/h.


The BOOSTER models have a contemporary and minimalistic design. They are enjoyable to ride, easy to maintain, and can be used by a wide range of customers of different ages and backgrounds. Design notes include an exposed diecast aluminum front frame and spoked wheels featuring fat 20″ x 4″ tires. They also have a classic U-frame configuration that makes it easy to mount. The models are powered by an ultra-compact and lightweight Yamaha PW-S2 drive unit that, despite its small size, can produce an impressive 75Nm of torque, which makes for smooth and natural acceleration.

The BOOSTER models have unique Yamaha chassis components that enhance their appearance and overall rider experience: fork covers, a front plate cover, a front mudguard, and a Supernova headlight placed at the front end of the bike, providing a polished and coordinated look. The BOOSTERS’ cables are hidden behind its ducts for a sleek appearance, with a chain cover and engine covers that show their polished finish. They also have a rear carrier for ample storage, and both models come with an adjustable Royal Orbis seat and an Integrated Koso LED taillight.

The bikes have an adjustable seat height, allowing riders of different sizes to find their ideal riding position.


The BOOSTER models have a Yamaha PWseries S2 motor that is known for being smooth and reliable. This motor is designed to be lightweight and compact, focusing on simplicity. Despite its small size, it can produce an impressive 75Nm of torque, which makes for smooth and natural acceleration. The BOOSTER Easy can reach a maximum assisted speed of 25km/h.

This high-tech design has excellent electronic control technologies that enhance your riding experience. It uses Yamaha’s Zero Cadence technology, providing instant assistance when pedaling. An Automatic Support Mode also gives extra power assistance when facing hills or headwinds. Riders can also select the Zero Mode, which completely disengages the drive unit and solely uses pedal power – and the Walk Assist Mode makes pushing the vehicle easy in situations such as pedestrian-only zones where riding is not permitted.

The BOOSTER Easy and BOOSTER have a 630Wh 36V Yamaha battery that powers the PW series S2 drive unit. The battery is easy to detach and located at the center for convenient access. Charging can be done in place or remotely if the unit is removed.


The BOOSTER offers five modes which include +ECO, ECO, STD, HIGH, and AUTO, allowing riders to choose the suitable setting for the terrain and their preferred range.

BOOSTER has a Yamaha Display C user interface placed in a central location. It has a separate control switch and a large 2.8″ full-color dot matrix TFT display that shows important information about the ride, including battery capacity, riding speed, assist mode, range, clock, trip distances, cadence, calorie consumption, and time. In addition, you can connect your Smartphone via Bluetooth® to access various fitness and navigation apps that can improve your riding experience. BOOSTER Easy has Yamaha’s simple Display A interface with a 1.7″ LCD screen. The interface has integral buttons and displays important information like the speedometer, battery capacity, and assist mode. You can also select trip meter, odometer, and range.


Available color options for both models are Cyan Solid Aqua and Dark Grey Metallic. The BOOSTER Easy will start delivering in April 2023, while the BOOSTER will begin in June 2023.


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