Andrew Lipke

Andrew Lipke releases new single “It’s Enough.”

Philadelphia singer and songwriter Andrew Lipke says “It’s Enough” on his brand new single that celebrates the sounds and vibrations of Spring.

If any local artist embodied all sides of the 2020 pandemic lockdown, the intensity of quarantine’s good and bad vibes, it was Andrew Lipke. The South African-born, South Philly living multi-instrumentalist and composer who, last year, recorded and dropped not one, but two albums. While  Kamala & The Child People was a mini-epic based on long-crafted themes from Herman Hesse’s novel Siddhartha, his spare Songs from The Quarantine was a quickly written collection of five new tracks written during his and his family’s social isolation and featuring his daughters Arabelle and Scarlett singing lead vocals on several of its tracks.

Last year, Lipke spoke to dosage MAGAZINE and I exclusively about his quaran-tunes, and his ideas for Covid music-making and beyond.

Andrew Lipke

“I clearly enjoy making things complicated for myself. I want the work to be able to flow as one piece when it’s done, but I also want each individual song to be able to stand alone as much as possible. I want the work to follow the narrative chronologically but not be a musical or music-drama. I want the passage of time in the story to be felt as opposed to being explained lyrically. Each song is a snapshot in the narrative that on its own is something that could potentially be more universal, more open to interpretation. I want the work to have a DNA of sorts that all the music within it shares,” explained Lipke.

He continued, “There are a dozen or so themes, basically leitmotifs, that I want to create a multitude of inner relationships with and have them go through their own little narratives and relationships.”

All this is important now as Lipke just released a brand new single, “It’s Enough.” 

While neither as heady or existentially complex as his Kamala Siddhartha album or as simple as his quickly written and improvisational, lockdown tracks, “It’s Enough” takes on the sounds and vibrations of a warming spring’s season, and transplants those good vibration into melodic, Lipke-specific three-minute pop song form.   

And the track’s blunt but eloquent message, that what we have, “It’s always enough,” is pretty nice, considering the hell that is 2021, so far.

Plus, its easy on the eyes and ears message means that you won’t have to re-read Herman Hesse any time soon so to enjoy “It’s Enough.”

Andrew Lipke

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