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Bryan Dilworth – The Last Waltz

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Philadelphia’s The Last Waltz at the Franklin Music Hall opens up its ticket sales in honor of Bryan Dilworth.

It might seem too soon to start spreading the news, that the Philadelphia Tribute to The Band’s The Last Waltz at the Franklin Music Hall on November 27 is happening, and that its ticket sales start today, July 30. There is a method, though, to my madness – and surely that of its producers and participants – in that this second-ever, local celebration of Robbie Robertson, Levon Helm and Co’s great Americana rock concert (and film from director Martin Scorsese) is also paying tribute to the man who put together the first local Last Waltz in 2013, and a man who made much of Philly’s live music scene, period; Bryan Dilworth.

Bryan dilworth
Bryan Dilworth

Dilworth passed away in March 2020 and hardly had an opportunity to be eulogized and lionized before the pandemic’s quarantine hit. Shame. Not only was Dilworth the Franklin Music Hall’s primary talent buyer for years, but served similar functions for other Larry Magid-owned and booked operations (the Electric Factory, Larry Magid Presents showcases around town), but for AEG, the Khyber and more. Plus, he was the answer man to almost any question a band, label or indie venue could have. 

“Bryan was always the person who we turned to pull off events like this,” said Fergie Carey. “The first Last Waltz Philly in 2013 at the Troc was something special. Bryan was always hesitant to do it again since the first one was so special, but we’re breaking the rules and doing it anyway.”

Bryan Dilworth

While 2021’s The Last Waltz, is a benefit for Connor Barwin’s Make The World Better Foundation – a 501(c)3 public charity established in 2014 during his first season playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, dedicated to local public space revitalization projects – the show is put together for Dilworth by some of the cast and crew of the 2013 event: Carey (owner of Fergie’s, The Goat, and Grace Tavern), singer-songwriters Andrew Lipke and Joey Sweeney, and Kristin Thomson, Dilworth’s wife.

“This year’s show is a tribute, a celebration, and a benefit, all in one,” wrote Last Waltz music director, Lipke. “We’ve all just gotten through a year without live music, and to bring together friends and music lovers for a show at a legendary venue, with a talented group of musicians, will be just magical.” 

100% of the proceeds from the ticket sales will go to Make The World Better Foundation.

A Philadelphia Tribute to The Last Waltz

The Band:
Freddie Berman
Adam Flicker
Nate Graham
Andrew Lipke
Andrew Napoli

The Horns:
Hailey Brinnel
Matt Cappy
Jay Davidson
Sean McCusker

The Special Guests:
Ali Awan
Bobby Bare Jr.
Bob Beach
Brooke Behmke 
Ross Bellenoit 
Kevin Bentley
Nate Bergman
Jim Boggia
Fergie Carey
Jean Cook
Tanqueray Hayward
Eliza Hardy Jones
Kevin Monko
Casey Parker 
Dan Reed
Slo Mo and Jon Train
Elizabeth Scanlon
Dan Strohm
Joey Sweeney
David Uosikkinen
Maxx Williams

Images: Chris Sikich

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