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Meet and connect with Athlete/Celebrity Stylist and Luxury Brand Strategist, Jen Abrams.

Occupation: Athlete and Celebrity Stylist, Luxury Brand Strategist.

Born and raised or imported to Philly? Born in Anchorage, Alaska. Dad was a doctor in the Airforce. Mom was an M.D., too. In fact, pretty much everyone in my family is a doctor with the exception of me, obviously. I tried sports medicine in undergrad for about a month. I kept sketching fashion designs during kinesiology so that didn’t work out too well.

What is your connection/relationship to Philly? I lived in West Philly for years while attending Drexel University for both Undergrad and Graduate school. I currently reside 15 minutes outside the city in the Main Line area. I’m in the city pretty much every day, if not working in NYC. 

Favorite restaurant in Philly? There are so many amazing and creative restaurants in Philly… something I love about this city! But if I had to pick just one I would have to say Zama because sushi is my absolute favorite food on this earth and they have the most inventive Japanese dishes, in my opinion. Coming in a strong second is the little Italian BYOB Raddiccio Cafe. They have the most authentic Italian food and I love the atmosphere in there.

Best place to shop in Philly (food, clothes, gifts, jewelry, etc)? As a stylist, it’s hard to choose just one place to shop especially here in Philly where we have a variety of different stores to choose from… Like the high-end boutiques on Walnut Street in Rittenhouse Square to the little eclectic shops in South Philly. Not to mention, what the King of Prussia Mall has to offer, which is the largest mall in the country and also happens to be where most of my luxury brands are now located ever since they created the high-end wing. But that being said, I would have to say I am someone that likes to mix it up. Meaning I generally don’t go into a store and buy a “head to toe” outfit for me or any of my clients. I like a mix of high and low, new and vintage. I should mention I am a huge collector of vintage. I have a little obsession with coveting the exclusives and I have a love and appreciation for vintage pieces because of the story they tell and the history that comes with it. Speaking of vintage, I need to mention my favorite vintage store which is Remix, a great little boutique located in Manayunk. They truly have the best selection of high-end vintage and when it comes to merchandising their pieces they are the absolute best at it. 

What is your one favorite “best kept secret” about Philly? Something that you and only a few others know about but everyone should… Hmmm… I have so many secret spots. From off the beaten path restaurants to little mom and pop shops in Philly. Too many to mention! Plus I like to be low key, guys, so I’m gonna have to skip this one. Ok, ok… I will mention one particular shop in Philly for those who are looking to support Philly owned businesses. The store is called Milano Di Rouge at 15th and Spring Garden. I love what the owner is doing there. I love her hustle and the creativity and uniqueness I see in her branding strategy. It makes me so happy to see a woman in this city go after her dreams, build a solid brand all while motivating the people in her community as well. 

What makes Philly your Philly? What do you absolutely love about the city? There is so much I truly love and value about the city of Philadephia. Philly is definitely considered home for me. It’s unapologetically authentic! That coupled with our unmatched energy and passion is what really sets our city apart for me. It’s a city that embraces and celebrates sports, arts, and culture. I love the fact that it’s a blue-collar city, too! Philly people know the grind and the hustle which are characteristics that I value in people. The city has made huge contributions to music, architecture, food, television, sports, and art. From the Barnes Foundation to the renowned Philadelphia Museum of Art to our amazing sports complexes like Lincoln Financial Field and the Wells Fargo Center. If I had to pick one aspect of the city that I love, it would have to be the loyalty of our people especially that of our fan base when it comes to supporting our sports teams here. Not to mention the true passion and grit of Philly athletes. Our athletes don’t only give their all out on the field and on the court, they give it off as well. They are constantly giving their unwavering support to the communities and using their voices and platforms for the greater good of the city.

Jen Abrams (R) with Nicole Murphy.


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