dancing on my own

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“Dancing On My Own” – the Phillies Post-Season Anthem


Philly’s favorite brass band SNACKTIME’s version of “Dancing On My Own” has become the unofficial Phillies post-season anthem.

Recently, SNACKTIME, the Philadelphia-based brass-heavy group known for their infectious blend of funk, punk, jazz, pop, and R&B influences has been making waves with the release of their new single and live performance video of Callum Scott’s cover of Robyn’s hit song “Dancing On My Own”, which has become the unofficial anthem of the Philadelphia Phillies’ post-season triumph. The video of the team singing along in the locker room has gone viral online, drawing praise from fans and players alike.

“Before we knew that it was going to be the Phillies’ postseason anthem, we did a recording of ‘Dancing On My Own’ for my girlfriend’s birthday. After the locker room video went viral, I quickly understood that this song was definitely going to stay in our repertoire, and it was unfortunately no longer able to be a birthday surprise.” – SNACKTIME Bandmate and Co-Founder Sam Gellerstein. 

dancing on my own

So if you’re looking to catch a musical high while rooting on the Phillies during the 2022 World Series Championship, SNACKTIME’s unique cover of “Dancing On My Own” just might be your jam!


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