Ellen & Ellen: Divine Feminine

Ellen & Ellen: Divine Feminine Energy at Ultra Silk Gallery


Mark your calendars for the “Ellen & Ellen: Divine Feminine Energy” opening reception on September 8th, 2023, during Ultra Silk Gallery’s Second Friday Event, from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. This stunning exhibition also marks the launch of an array of captivating artworks by Ellen Powell Tiberino, Ellen Tiberino, and a variety of talented female artists, including Heather Phillips, Gail Scuderi, Patrice Poor, Maddy Scuderi, Misty Sol, Mantel Amey, Wanda Payne, and Ruthy Valdez.

This exhibition delves into the depths of divine energy as it transcends time and space, shaping individual awareness, memories, thoughts, and feelings that collectively craft unique characters and shape the world.

Ellen & Ellen: Divine Feminine

The late Ellen Powell Tiberino and her daughter Ellen Tiberino coalesce their artistic talents to present an exquisite showcase of the family’s lineage of robust creative forces. The artworks by Ellen Powell Tiberino are complemented by personal artifacts, voice quotes, and glimpses into her creative process, adding an intimate dimension to her masterpieces. Ellen Tiberino unveils her stained glass mosaics, which resonate with the echoes of her artistic family’s influence. Additionally, this exhibition features a diverse collection of works from various female artists, each contributing their distinct interpretation of divine energy.

Ellen & Ellen: Divine Feminine

Embrace the convergence of art and the divine feminine energy at “Ellen & Ellen: Divine Feminine Energy.” Discover how the legacy of ancestral wisdom, creative expression, and the unique perspectives of women come together to create an enchanting tapestry of artistry and interconnectedness.

The gallery preview begins at 12:00 PM, giving early visitors an exclusive glimpse into this captivating world of divine feminine energy. The exhibition will remain open for viewing during business hours until October 8th, 2023, inviting art enthusiasts and explorers to immerse themselves in the evocative narratives that the artworks weave.

“Ellen & Ellen: Divine Feminine Energy” promises an inspiring blend of visual and emotional exploration, unveiling the profound interconnectedness between generations of women and their creative legacies.

Ellen & Ellen: Divine Feminine

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