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"Purple Head Wrap" by Erika L.

InLiquid’s Art for the Cash Poor

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InLiquid’s Art for the Cash Poor is a free and public art sale directly benefiting local artists and craftspeople selling their work for $200 or less and Ancient Spirits’ Penn Med event. One weekend of giving.

Charity in a time of Covid is a rough ask. Everyone needs, and pretty much most monies donated are worthwhile (save for political donations. Nah. Ack). This weekend, though, there are two special events where you can feel great about giving and you’ll get something back for the bang of your buck. The 21st annual iteration of InLiquid’s Art for the Cash Poor – InLiquid being Philly’s principle unifier for local artist to artist communication and their further outreach into communities thirsting for art – on Saturday, September 18, is, as always, focused on affordable art. And this street fair – a free and public art sale directly benefiting local artists and craftspeople selling their work for $200 or less is always a bargain at thrice the price.

InLiquid’s Art

This year, the InLiquid Art for the Cash Poor sales/soiree takes place along the American Street Corridor in Kensington and welcomes participation from neighbors such as NextFAB and the Clay Studio’s Clayfest for what promises to be a “multi-block artisan fair… spanning the length of North American Street on the west side of the street from Crane Arts on Master (1400 Block) to NextFAB’s home on Berks Street (1800 Block).”

That’s a lot of art, and all going straight into the pockets of freelance creators who did not, trust me, get PPP loans or pandemic grants.

On Friday night, September 17, in anticipation of the opening of Syam Namballa and Mahi Reddy’s – and America’s – first Ayurvedic herbal restaurant and cocktail lounge, Ancient Spirits and Grille (1726 Chestnut Street, 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm), guests will be in charitable service to Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center, the area’s leader in advanced cancer therapy, treatment and ongoing wellness. And wellness is a key aspect of Ancient Spirits (and Ayurvedic) herbalism.

InLiquid’s Art

I’ll be dining at Ancient Spirits after this event for a dosage MAGAZINE report. Stay tuned to hear what I have to say on the tasting, but, get to Ancient Spirits on Friday so to do some good. $50 to sample Ancient Spirits’ menu and cocktails before anyone else in town straight from the hands and hearth of Executive Chef Chris Tavares formerly of Davio’s. Do that.

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