Perera Elsewhere

Perera Elsewhere – Essential Music for the Next 7 Days

This week’s Listenin’ Booth includes music from the Berlin based, United Kingdom born experimental electronic music producer Perera Elsewhere and her new track, “Hold Tite”. Plus four other essential tunes you should be listening to right now.

Hold Tite – Perera Elsewhere

Perera Elsewhere

“Hold Tite” is a new release by London-born, Berlin-based music producer, songwriter and DJ, Perera Elsewhere. Elsewhere uses technology to create and experiment with her voice, lyrics, percussive beats, deep bass frequencies and sound design. Brilliant.

Leezurd – Nikitch & Kuna Maze

Perera Elsewhere

Nikitch & Kuna Maze represent a collaborative project channeling their instrumental skills to create compositions using their common chemistry; blurring the lines between improvisation, production and the art of DJing.

Golden Green – Emma Jean Thackray featuring Wiki

Perera Elsewhere

Celebrated jazz producer and trumpeter Emma Jean Thackray from the United Kingdom enlists New York City rapper Wiki to contribute to this seductive  jazzy slowed down groove.

Commercial Street – AV Dummy

Perera Elsewhere

AV Dummy is a British group sprung from the internet to create a manic, schizophrenic musical universe assembled from discarded and overlooked sounds and technologies.

Summer Of Love – Gardna

Perera Elsewhere

Rapper and grime artist Gardna from the United Kingdom releases a fitting summer styled, groove based nu-disco jam. Enjoy!

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